Children's Textile Box 23

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1991.11.115 Shirt White linen children's shirt. Light, pastel green collar and sleeve caps. Buttons down front and a button on each left and right side at the bottom. White. Green.
2 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.171 Shorts Young child's shorts; size for about a 2 year old. Purple-blue knit. Elastic controls fullness at the waist along with ribbing. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
3 UNIM1994.14.129 Shirt Toddler's, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, turtle neck-blue, short set-in sleeves with hem, blue and white plaid, body and sleeves, 1/2" W handsewn hem around bottom of shirt Color: BL, WH
4 UNIM1994.14.130 Shirt Toddler's medium size, sleeveless, mock turtleneck, pullover shirl with yellow, blue, and red stripes with white binding. Color: YL, BL, RD, WH
5 UNIM1994.14.136 Shirt Short sleeve shirt with notched collar. Opens at front with three buttons. Red and white vertical striped woven fabric. Color: RD, WH
6 UNIM1994.14.139 Shirt Toddler size long sleeved knit shirt with stand up collar. Left shoulder seam with 2 snaps. Cuffs an sleeve ends.
7 UNIM1994.14.140 Shirt Sleeveless knit shirt with curved neck edge. Knit ribbing on neck and arm hole edges. Color: WH
8 UNIM1994.14.167 Shirt Toddler, white with spring green dots, dress type, unfitted style, jewel neckline, v-shaped white insert at neck front, short sleeves, green trim around v insert, green buttons on tabs at waist Color: WH GR
9 UNIM1994.14.171 Overalls Male toddlers, bibbed overalls, corduroy and flannel fabric, blue outer side, red, blue, gray and white lining, shoulder straps button to bib at front, opening in legs has 3 snaps down each leg, picture of a bear with palette and brush on right front leg in red blue and yellow Color: BL, RD, GY, WH
10 UNIM1994.14.175 Shorts Toddler boys shorts with attached bib and two straps buttoned in front. Elastic waistband in back. Crotch opens with one snap at inside of each leg. Blue and white vertical striped fabric with rickrack trim running vertically down the front right side. Next to rickrack is an applique red boat with white sail. Color: BL, WH, RD
11 UNIM1994.14.176 Romper a. Toddler boys romper suit. Stripe yellow and white top with notched collar, short set-in sleeves, and three button closure center front sewn to yellow bottoms, lined in plastic, with waistband, open crotch closed with 2 snaps, and two button trim on waistband front. B. bowtie - same yellow as bottoms. Clips under collar to attach. Color: YL, WH
12 UNIM1994.14.182 Pants Male Toddler a. Light brown dress slacks with suspenders, straight leg, ankle length, patch pocket on right back hip, snap closure on waistband b. Suspenders button to inside front and back same fabric as pants Color: BR
13 UNIM1994.14.191 Shirt casual top, unfitted style, pullover closure with two snaps, jewel neckline, short set in sleeves, Color: WH