Children's Textile Box 36

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1991.11.99 Vest Child's blue vest with silver needlework of flowers starting at the bottom and ending on the shoulders. BLUE. SILVER.
2 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.142 Shirt Teen boy's greenish blue shirt. Fitted style. Size 14. 5 buttons for closure. Point style collar with long set in sleeves. Cuffs with button closure. Patch pockets at chest on both sides with button trim, back yoke. Sketch on catalog sheet. Kaynee Sportswear brand. Color: BL
3 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.143 Shirt Teen boy's white shirt with India (geometric) design in blue, light blue, yellow, and red print. 5 buttons for closure. Pointed style collar and long, set in sleeves. 1 button edge stitch design in blue, light blue, yellow, red and navy. Back yoke patch pockets on each side at breast. Button loop at neck; the rest have buttonholes (4). Sketch on catalog sheet. Little Champ of Hollywood brand. Made in California. Color: WH
4 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.148 Shirt Boy's size 12 brown pullover shirt. Surplice with pointed collar. Long, set in sleeves and cuffs with 1 button. Button front overlaps at chest, two patch pockets at hem - front. Hem 3/4" machine stitched, yoke front and back. Whip stitched with single thread, same color slightly lighter around collar and front yoke. "Stark" is written on the interior neck area. Rogue Junior brand, manufactured by Rogue Craft Sportswear, Inc. Made in California. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
5 UNIM1994.14.138 Shirt Child's short sleeve golden yellow waffle knit shirt with stand up collar. Ribbed knit around neck, left shoulder seam with 2 buttons. Size 4. Color: OR
6 UNIM1994.14.59 Shirt Child's blouse, woven fabric construction, white with yellow, pink, and green floral design, casual, unfitted style, 4 button center-front closure, peter pan collar, sleeveless, piping around collar, hemming tape around armscyes, shirt-tail hem, heart motif between flowers Color: WH YL PK GR
7 UNIM1994.14.60 Shirt Girl's shirt, knit fabric construction, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, jewel neckline, set in short sleeves, orange and yellow ribbing around neck, 2 orange and 2 yellow flowers on front of shirt run diagonally below neckline. Scottie's by Cromwell Mills brand. Color: WH OR YL
8 UNIM1994.14.61 Shirt Girl's shirt, white with blue and purple trim, knit fabric construction, size 6, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, set-in short sleeves, one blue and purple flower and stems on chest, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and at bottom. Health-tex brand. Color: WH BL PR
9 UNIM1994.14.62 Shirt Girl's sky blue knit shirt, size 6, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, jewel neckline, sleeveless, rib knitting around neckline and armscyes. Aileen Girl brand. Color: BL
10 UNIM1994.14.63 Shirt Girl's turquoise and white top. Woven fabric construction, size 7?, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, square neckline, sleeveless, lace around armscyes, 2" shoulder straps, self lining in chest area, straps and upper part of top is turquoise blue, turquoise and white striped material is gathered to upper chest section, white lace trim is around armscyes and bottom of top Color: BL WH
11 UNIM1994.14.64 Shirt Girl's blue and white vertically striped top, woven fabric construction, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, round neckline, sleeveless, hemmed with same fabric tape around neckline and armscyes, 2 1/4" eyelet trim with scalloped edge on both sides Color: WH BL
12 UNIM1994.14.93 Shirt Girl's white dress shirt, unfitted style, center front closure, placket with 2 snaps, Peter Pan collar with small trim at edge, set in short sleeves, ribbing on bottom of sleeves, 3/4" factory hem at bottom of shirt. Buster Brown brand. Color: WH
13 UNIM1994.14.98 Shirt Girl's red, yellow, and blue horizontally striped casual shirt, unfitted style, pullover closure, square neckline, sleeveless, 3/8" bottom factory hem, armscyes turned back 1/4" and has two rows of stitching around them Color: BL RD YL