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Catalog # Name Description
1 1971.11.0043 Novelty Cedar Falls Centennial. Color: BR,CR 1971.11.0043 (Novelty) image
2 1971.11.0051 Decal Illinois Education Association Centennial. 1971.11.0051 (Decal) image
3 1971.11.0052 Picture, feather Watercolor background. 1971.11.0052 (Picture, feather) image
4 1972.38.18.12 Handbill Urges graduates to register Republican. 1972.38.18.12 (Handbill) image
5 1972.44.0002 Decal U. S. flag. Color: RD,WH,BL 1972.44.0002 (Decal) image
6 1974.0063 Sticker, bumper "Rapp". Color: RD,WH,BL 1974.0063 (Sticker, bumper) image
7 1975.16.1.0002 Card, greeting University of Arizona. Color: ML 1975.16.1.0002 (Card, greeting) image
8 1975.4.0193 List, price Grundy County Text Books and Price List. Adopted by the Grundy County Board of Education, February, 1916. For exclusive use after July 1st, 1916. 1975.4.0193 (List, price) image
9 1975.4.0208 Card, Valentine Homemade. "To My Valentine". A soldier standing in the middle of a heart, saluting. Miss J.
10 1975.4.0209 Card, Valentine "To My Valentine." A fold-out Valentine with a man and a woman surrounded by flowers. Received by Miss Jacobs from Richard Crook. Printed in Germany. Color: ML 1975.4.0209 (Card, Valentine) image
11 1975.4.0210 Card, Valentine "Love's Greetings"; fold-out of three angels in a garden with birds and roses. "To Miss Jacobs from Harold Dunlap February 14, 1914." Color: ML 1975.4.0210 (Card, Valentine) image
12 1975.4.0211 Card, Valentine "Valentine Greeting, to One I Love." Fold-out of a boy bringing flowers to a girl. "To Miss Jacobs from May, February 14, 1912." Color: BL,WH 1975.4.0211 (Card, Valentine) image
13 1975.4.0212 Card, Valentine Fold-out of two angels, a windmill, a butterfly and a child. To Miss J. from Clifford Shimer, February 14, 1912. Color: ML 1975.4.0212 (Card, Valentine) image
14 1975.4.0213 Card, Valentine "To My Love, To One I Love". Boy and girl with bouquet. Birds in basket. Fold-out. To Miss Jacobs from Frances and Helene. February 14, 1912. Color: ML 1975.4.0213 (Card, Valentine) image
15 1975.4.0215 Card, Valentine "To My Valentine". Boy holding a heart. Movable eyes and arms. From Warren Ebersole. Color: ML 1975.4.0215 (Card, Valentine) image
16 1975.4.0216 Card, Valentine "To My Love, By the Way You Look at Me I Can See That You Love Me." A girl with movable eyes. From Lasosco Severe, February 14, 1922. Color: ML 1975.4.0216 (Card, Valentine) image
17 1975.4.0217 Card, Valentine "To My Sweetheart". A girl riding a goose. Goose has movable feet and as feet turn, the goose's neck moves in and out. Color: ML 1975.4.0217 (Card, Valentine) image
18 1975.4.0218 Card, Valentine "To My Love, 'Tis just a little Valentine to prove my Heart is True, I hope that you will think of me Because I think of you." A boy holding flowers. February 13, 1922. Standard glued to back. Color: ML 1975.4.0218 (Card, Valentine) image
19 1975.4.0219 Card, Valentine "Postman, handle this with care! I'm sending my heart to a lady fair, Who is an old sweetheart of mine And I want her to be: My Valentine." Little girl mailing a Valentine. To Mrs. Hutchison from Gladys Recarrolne. Color: ML 1975.4.0219 (Card, Valentine) image
20 1975.4.0221 Card, Valentine Embossed. "Loving wishes and true affection." Angel holding a basket of violets. To Aletha Jacobs from Hattie, 1911. Color: ML 1975.4.0221 (Card, Valentine) image
21 1975.4.0222 Card, Valentine Angel surrounded by flowers and hearts. "To Miss Jacobs from Helene and Frances and Shirley February 14, 1912." "My Dearest Valentine. Roses, pinks and lillies, too. Apple blossoms, Violets, blue Are not more sweet, I tell thee true, Than my Dearest Valentine." Color: ML 1975.4.0222 (Card, Valentine) image
22 1975.4.0223 Card, Valentine Picture of dog and two puppies on heart-shaped cover. "True Love, Fair is thy face to see, Sweet is they voice to me, True is my love to thee, My Valentine." To Miss Jacobs from Minnie Kohn. February 14, 1912. Embossed. Color: ML 1975.4.0223 (Card, Valentine) image
23 1975.4.0224 Card, Valentine Embossed. Bluebirds on front of heart-shaped card. "Thoughts of you. You may count the stars above, Each in the heaven's bright blue, Yet it would be only one of my loving thoughts of you." To Miss Jacobs from Ralph, February 14, 1912. Color: ML 1975.4.0224 (Card, Valentine) image
24 1975.4.0225 Card, Valentine Embossed. Fold-out of boy and girl in rowboat surrounded by flowers. "Best Wishes" written on front. No date. Color: ML 1975.4.0225 (Card, Valentine) image
25 1975.4.0226 Card, Valentine Embossed. Fold-out. Two children on front, two hands holding to one another, and a heart made of red tissue paper fold-out pom poms saying "Valentine Greetings." "Pretty one! I hope you know, This is from Your little 'Beau'" From Charles, George and Donald, February 14, 1912. Color: ML 1975.4.0226 (Card, Valentine) image
26 1975.4.0227 Card, Valentine Fold-out. Little girl fishing holding a heart, surrounded by red tissue paper fold-out pom poms. "To my Love," written on front, from Millard Brubaker. Embossed. Color: ML 1975.4.0227 (Card, Valentine) image
27 1975.4.0236 Reward of merit Flowers in basket on cover. On back, "Presented to Aletha Jacobs for being a good little girl by Grace Williams, Teacher." Color: ML 1975.4.0236 (Reward of merit) image
28 1975.4.0237 Card, greeting Hand with dove perched on finger. "Presented to Aletha Jacobs by Grace Williams, Teacher." Embossed. Color: ML 1975.4.0237 (Card, greeting) image
29 1975.4.0238 Card, greeting Winter scene with two girls walking under umbrella. "Prsented to Aletha Jacobs by Grace Williams, Teacher." Embossed. Color: ML 1975.4.0238 (Card, greeting) image
30 1975.4.0239 Card, greeting Bird flying over road, bigh rose on front. "Presented to Aletha Jacobs by Grace Williams, Teacher." Color: ML 1975.4.0239 (Card, greeting) image
31 1975.4.0240 Card, greeting Scene of woman on road going toward houses. "Prsented to Aletha Jacobs. For being a good little girl by Grace Williams, Teacher." Color: ML 1975.4.0240 (Card, greeting) image
32 1975.4.0241 Reward of merit Windmill on the front. "Letha Jacobs" handwritten on the back. Color: ML 1975.4.0241 (Reward of merit) image
33 1975.4.0242 Card, greeting Pictures a house in the country in winter. "Presented to Aletha Jacobs by her teacher, Miss Viola Clark." Color: ML 1975.4.0242 (Card, greeting) image
34 1975.4.0243 Card, greeting Pictures house in winter setting with glitter sprinkled on snow. "Presented to Aletha Jacobs by her teacher Minnie Luloff." Color: ML 1975.4.0243 (Card, greeting) image
35 1975.4.0244 Card, greeting Presented to Letha Jacobs, by Anna McDonald, teacher." Color: ML 1975.4.0244 (Card, greeting) image
36 1975.4.0263 Card, greeeting Happy New Year card. Girl holding a doll with a 1922 calendar on the front and "We've come to stay the year with you" written on bottom. "A Happy New Year, Florence Cirksena." Standard on back. Color: ML 1975.4.0263 (Card, greeeting) image
37 1975.4.0265 Card, Christmas "Merry Christmas, For an old-fashioned Christmas that's cheery and gay, And an old-fashioned Happy New Year!" From Serena. No date. Fold-out. Color: ML 1975.4.0265 (Card, Christmas) image
38 1976.24.0006 Napkin Purple lettering on white, "UNI, 1876-1976", Color: PR,WH 1976.24.0006 (Napkin) image
39 1976.24.0021 Sticker, bumper "President Ford '76" in 7/8" high letters, white on blue background. At bottom there is a union label followed by "The President Ford Committee, Howard H. Callaway, Chairman, Robert C. Moot, Treasurer." 1/8' white border around all four sides, brown paper on back peels off to expose adhesive backing. Color: BL,WH 1976.24.0021 (Sticker, bumper) image
40 1976.40.0007 Envelope "Let Freedom Ring". Bicentennial. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.40.0007 (Envelope) image
41 1977.004 Program Alpha Shakespearean Literary Society. The outer front cover bears an illustrated outdoor scene in the upper left corner, and is entitled, "Closing Program of the Alpha, Shakesperian, and Philomathean Literary Societies, of ISNS. At Normal chapel, Monday December 14th, 1885, 7:30 P. M." The borders of the cover are decorated with a lined and laced design. The body of the program lists that evening's activities, such as musical recitals, essays, and debate competitions. Although stained and soild from age, the program is of a very good condition. The card was printed by Gazette Print. Color: BK,WH
42 1980.45.0095 Sticker, bumper Democratic Party Iowa Congressional race; red, white and blue face, white and red printed inscription, "DEMOCRAT RAPP CONGRESS"; reverse marked, "ZIP-STRIPS The REMOVABLE bumper stickers!". Color: RD,WH,BL 1980.45.0095 (Sticker, bumper) image
43 1986.4.0335 Announcement Of Christmas program. Color: WH,RD 1986.4.0335 (Announcement) image
44 1986.4.0336 Announcement Of Christmas program. Color: ml 1986.4.0336 (Announcement) image
45 1986.4.0498 Receipt, payroll Monthly salary schedule, Cocalico Union School District. Color: WH,PR,BK 1986.4.0498 (Receipt, payroll) image
46 1986.4.0508 Certificate Certificate of Good Fellowship; from Good Fellows. Color: CR,GR,RD 1986.4.0508 (Certificate) image
47 1986.4.0540 Card, valentine From Wilma Fitzpatrick; votes for women message. Color: ML 1986.4.0540 (Card, valentine) image
48 1986.4.0542 Card, Valentine Woman's hand holding rose; folds up to reveal giver's name: Geo. H. Bearboner. Color: ML 1986.4.0542 (Card, Valentine) image
49 1986.4.0543 Card, Valentine "From a Friend"; dove, roses. Folds up to reveal giver's name: Estella Gates. Color: ML 1986.4.0543 (Card, Valentine) image
50 1986.4.0544 Card, Valentine "Peace Forever"; roses, ship. folds up to reveal giver's name: Lloyd H. Color: ML 1986.4.0544 (Card, Valentine) image