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1 Handbill Advertisement for an ointment good for many ailments.
2 Letter Letter from the secretary of the board of trustees of a high school for girls to a trustee notifying him of a board meeting.
3 1966.6.0007 Speech Reproduction of Gettysburg Address.
4 1966.6.6 Letter To Jefferson Davis from General Lee. Reproduction. States General Lee's strategy on one operation of the Civil War. Color: TN,BK 1966.6.6 (Letter) image
5 1966.6.8 Speech General Lee's Farewell Address, 1865. Reproduction. General Order No. 9, 1865 disbanding the Confederate Army. The order was written by a military officer under General Lee's directive. General Lee then signed the order. Color: TN,BK 1966.6.8 (Speech) image
6 1968.10.0485 Painting Tempera painting signed "Dick" on black construction paper. . Horizontal picture. Native, shore bird, ungulate.
7 1968.10.0486 Painting Signed "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with 2 spears. Vertical picture.
8 1968.10.0487 Painting Signed "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with 2 spears, another native carrying ungulate upside down on his head. Vertical picture.
9 1968.10.0488 Painting Signed in yellow "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with tall-leaping campfire. Vertical picture.
10 1968.9.2.0003 Painting Watercolor painting of outdoor scene. Seated woman with child on lap; kneeling man weaving outside thatched roof hut. Signed "India of Atitlan, Guatamala, C. A.".
11 1969.33.0010 Memorandum U. S. Army World War II single typed page memorandum; oversized page, concerns upcoming Luzon Campaign of 1945; paper headed, "AKA56/A3-2(1) U.S.S. ARNEB (AKA 56), 31 December 1944; COMMANDING OFFICER'S MEMORANDUM"; probably issued aboard a U. S. Navy Troop transport ship or assault boat; printed map on reverse, "WESTERN LUZON AREA", "LINGAYEN GULF"; signed, "A.R. BARTON"; paper yellowed with age, brittle. Color: WH,B
12 1969.33.0016 Certificate "Initiation", 7th April, 1944. Paper, World War II era initiation award certificate; presented to all shipboard members of various services by U. S. Navy ship's crew, probably a transport vessel; a facetious document of a nonexistent oceanic organization; color cartoon-like drawings around borders: depicting mermaids & other sea creatures; certificate entitled, "IMPERIVM NEPTVNI REGIS"; addressed to, "TO ALL SAILORS, SOLDIERS, MARINES WHEREVER YE MAY BE: GREETINGS:"; dated. "7th Apr. 1944"; aboard, "The U. S. A. T Sea Scamp"; "Dixon L. Riggs, having been found worthy to be numbered as one of our Trusty Shellbacks has been duly initiated into the SOLEMN MYSTERIES OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP"; signed, "Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main" & "Davey Jones'. Color: ML
13 1970.0011 Poster "Presidents of the United States", with their pictures, birth dates, party and terms of office included. Glossy paper.
14 1970.0053 Print, photographic Two pieces. a. "Good Morning"; young girl. Copyright, 1909, Kalamazoo, Mich. b. Frame; black with white stylized flowers and edge trim. Color: BK,WH
15 1970. Clipping, magazine From Opportunity Magazine, "Patented Articles". Color: BK,WH
16 1971.17.0002 Painting In oil, ricefield scene. Somewhat three-dimensional. One native in foreground facing another in mid-picture; hoses and hills in background. Signed by artist in lower right hand corner, "H. S. SUNE, 21-2-4."
17 1972.0011 Print, photographic Babylonian tablet of bills. Color: CR,BR
18 1972.004 Chart In folder. Has a picture of an elephant and a picture of two men on the reverse side. Two other pictures are included. The pictures are surrounded by a gold and blue border. The writing inside tells the legend of Gonbo Dorji, the hunter, meeting the great Yogi poet, Milarepa.
19 1972.31.0022 Leaflet Descriptive folder describing Aztec calendar stone. Front has color reproduction of calendar stone. Back has explanation of symbols. Color: WH,RD,BL
20 1972.47.0001 Poster Picture of money tree with coins of "falu" popular in Morocco. There is a written description of the tree and its significance at the bottom of the chart. Color: CR,BK
21 1972.47.0002 Print, photographic Picture of Colonial money. Color: CR,GR
22 1972.61.8.0007 Ticket, lottery Cut-out designs and a pointed scalloped bottom. Color: YL,RD
23 1972.9.0002 Mat, place From testimonial dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI, 1950-1970, in the University Union, April 30, 1970. Has photos of Pres. Maucker and family on it. Color: WH,BK
24 1972.9.0003 Mat, place From testimonial dinner for Dr. J. W. Maucker, President of UNI, 1950-1970, University Union, April 30, 1970. Photos of President Maucker and family.
25 1973.0014 Handbill Announces the Danbury Mint's first American Bicentennial Sterling silver collector plate. The first plate is entitled "The Boston Tea party - 1773". A colored photo of the plate was enclosed. Among the literature is an article entitled "The Plate Collecting Craze Grow". Color: WH,BK
26 1973.0039 Screen On folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary picture in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
27 1973.45.0001 Screen Folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary pictures in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
28 1973.45.0002 Screen Folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary pictures in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
29 1974.71.0001 Screen Oriental folding screen in four parts. From India and Tibet. Legendary picture in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend printed on back.
30 1975.0033 Print, photographic Mounted on black with a brown cardboard frame.a. Photo, color, bust of Queen Nefertiti; b. Pamphlet on the Egyptian Museum, Berlin, Germany Describes the collection in each of the rooms. On the back of the pamphlet is a chronological table of Egyptian history..
31 1975.0045 Insignia Black Hawk County; circular insignia. Bicentennial. Designed by Herb Hake. Color: WH,BK
32 1975.4.0056 Calendar Hawkeye Insurance Company, Des Moines Calendar and Dates from 19th Century. "What has a century wrought?" (Details great men and occurences during 19th century.) Distributed by W. E. Janye, Agent of Hawkeye Insurance, Independence, Iowa, 1900. 1-page wall calendar with large century plant in center. Color: ML
33 1975.4.0093 Memorandum Lincoln Day bulletin. (For use in Public Schools.) Friday, February 11th, 1916. Issued by office of County Superintendent. Color: CR,BK
34 1975.4.0198 Picture, cut-paper Construction paper cutout in shape of a star. Each point is 4 1/2" from the center. Color: GR
35 1975.4.61.0002 Examination "Test in Measurements." Twenty-four questions are typed out on the first page (a.) with questions 25 through 42 on the second page (b.) The directions on the first page tell the student to cross out all words that are wrong. However, on this examination, the correct answers are underlined. Many questions are not answered. Two pages. Color: WH,BK
36 1976.40.0008 Envelope The Iowan. Bicentennial. Color: TN,BK,RD
37 1976.68.0006 Script The Spirit of Fifty Years, a pageant by James Hearst to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa. The program for the event, May 29, 1926. Color: WH,BK
38 1978.33.1.6 Letter Letter of George W. Rownd, a Union soldier, written to his parents during the American Civil War 1861-1865. "May 26, 1862, camp near Little Red River, Arkansas". Color: BK,WH 1978.33.1.6 (Letter) image
39 1979.26.0040 Drawing "Nova". Color: TN,BK
40 1979.26.0041 Poster Liftoff of Titan III. Color: ML
41 1980.45.0204 Poster "PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES", dates and illustrations of all U. S. Presidents from George Washington to Gerald R. Ford; "Compliments of the S. S. Kresge Co. - K Mart Division".
42 1980.47.0004 Timetable Illinois Central Railroad; folded paper pamphlet; yellow striped cover illustrated with IC logo and map, entitled, "ILLINOIS CENTRAL TIMETABLES, EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 1970"; eleven pages listing departure and arrival information for areas across the United States. Color: YL,BR,OR,WH
43 1980.47.0007 Certificate, stock Green printed paper, "Number 2261, Number of Shares _____, Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad, organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, Authorized Capital Stock, 60,000 Shares without par value", signed "C. Mcthaney, President"; reverse printed, FOR VALUE RECEIVED", place for date and signatures; unissued paper. Color: GR,WH
44 1980.47.0008 Certificate, stock Decorative brown paper, "NUMBER C3915, SHARES INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF IOW, WATERLOO, CEDAR FALLS & NORTHERN RAILROAD, AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, 600,000 SHARES OF $10.00 RECEIVED", unissued certificates, reverse printed, "For Value Received", place for signatures and dates. Color: BR,WH
45 1986.15.0039 Print, photographic Chinese pagoda.
46 1986.15.0040 Print, photographic Chinese women washing clothes by river.
47 1986.15.0043 Decoration, door For Chinese New Year.
48 1986.4.0271 Contract For Aletha Jacobs, to teach in Stout Independent School District, Grundy County. 23 April. Color: WH,BK
49 1986.4.0301 Essay Eighth grade work. 3-page hand written essay on the Pilgrims' first year in America. Color: WH,BL,PK
50 1986.4.0398 Roster From E. Guy Greenawalt to teachers. Color: WH,BK