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51 1986.4.0422 Outline On lesson plans. Color: WH,BK
52 1986.4.0423 Plan, lesson For class in Physics. Color: WH,BK
53 1986.4.0519 Plan, lesson Humorous geography lesson. Color: WH,BK
54 1988.33.0085 Certificate, achievement "Certificate of Award" for being "Neither Absent Nor tardy". Awarded to Alma Funnemark. Dated the 23rd day of January, 1915. Color: WH,BK
55 1988.33.0086 Certificate, attendance For being "Neither Absent Nor Tardy", Awarded to Alma Funnemark. Dated the 20th day of April. Color: ML
56 1988.33.0088 Certificate, confirmation Dated June 15th. Awarded to Alma Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
57 1988.33.0089 Certificate, achievement Dated April 17. Awarded to Alma Funnemark. Color: ML
58 1988.33.0091 Certificate, achievement Certificate of AWARD FOR HOMEWORK", dated the 30th day of December.
59 1988.33.0092 Certificate, attendance "Certificate of Award" for being "Neither Absent Nor Tardy", dated the 21 st day of April. Awarded to Esther Funnemark.
60 1988.33.0096 Certificate, achievement "Certificate of AWARD FOR HOMEWORK"; dated the 11th day of February. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
61 1988.33.0099 Certificate, attendance "CERTIFICATE OF AWARD" for being "Neither Tardy Nor Absent", dated the 23rd day of April. Awarded to Julius Funnemark.
62 2008.14.0014 Minutes A large, thin sheet contains the agenda for a budget meeting for a Mt. Vernon school. There are pencil checkmarks and other various minor stains. At the bottom is information about a school census that must be taken. The envelope is addressed in typing and has school 1940-1941 written on the top. Color: WH
63 2008.14.0023 Budget, School A large light salmon color sheet; contains a chart with budget information written in ink. Mt. Vernon twn are stamped into a couple lines. On the back of this sheet are instructions to fill out the chart and a section for the appropriate persons to sign. Two hole punches on top. Folded in four. Color: PK
64 L1968.10.0016JK Painting Signed in white by "Dick" on black construction paper 10" x 12 3/4". Native with tall-leaping campfire. Brought to museum by Jim 2/22/69. Vertical picture. Almost a duplicate of 68.10.488.