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Catalog # Name Description
1 1966.6.0004 Speech Reproduction of Washington's inaugural address. Color: TN,BK
2 1966.6.5 Speech Reproduction of Monroe Doctrine. Color: TN,BK
3 1970. Handbill Hildman's I. G. A. Store. Color: PK,BK
4 1972.1.0002 Print Courier & Ives; from 1971 calendar; "The Great 'Scullers Race on the St. Lawrence" at Lachine, Canada, Oct. 3, 1878--Distance five miles. Color: ML
5 1972.1.0003 Print Courier & Ives; from 1971 calendar; "Fruit piece". Color: ML
6 1972.1.0004 Print Courier & Ives; from 1971 calendar; "Flushing a Woodcock". Color: ML
7 1973.43.0176 Bag Written on front with border design around writing. Plain on back. Color: BR,BK
8 1973.44.4 Map World War I map of the Scientific American Supplement to the War Number of the Scientific American, September 5, 1914. Map focuses on the continent of Europe and shows the countries of the Dual Alliance in pink while the countries of the Allies are in green. Neutral countries are in yellow. Color: GR,PK,YL,BL 1973.44.4 (Map) image
9 1974.002 Handbill Fort Worth Museum; road runner. Color: YL,BK
10 1974.56.0003 Speech Gettysburg Address. Color: TN,BK
11 1976.0077 Bag Brown with purple and yellow printing. 1976-77 basketball schedule on one side; 1976 football schedule on opposite side; double strength. Color: PR,YL
12 1989.43.688 Poster Declaration of Independence.
13 1998.28.0004 Print, photographic Black and white; mounted on a thin piece of cream-colored cardboard. The photo shows a group of women and four men near the badk. All of the women have light-colored shawls over their hair. Some are carrying long wooden rods haped like shepherds' crooks. Two women are carrying large baskets on their heads. A name appears to be written on the bottom of the pasteboard, just under the lower left-hand corner of the photo. Following the name are the letters A. ARAN ( the last letter may be a Z), then A. R. P. S. Color: BK,WH,CR
14 2009.4.0002 Report, teacher's Teacher's Annual Report (1 side). Report of Classification, Standing, Advancement and Attendance (other side). Contains student names, ages, and grades. Color: CR, BK, YL