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Catalog # Name Description
1 1969.10.1 Ashtray SCI seal is central design. Color: CL,RD,WH 1969.10.1 (Ashtray) image
2 1972.56.0002 Keystone Window keystone from Old Gilchrist Hall. ISTC.
3 1974.52 Seal Black cast iron with gold and red trim. ISNS. Color: BK,GD,RD
4 1975.41.0001 Purse Antique, with cord drawstring and sateen lining, beaded fringe at the botton. Color: BK
5 1976.24.5 Ashtray Red on silver foil over cardboard Maucker Union ashtray. Two indentions for cigarettes. One design, plus MAUCKER on two sides; another design, plus UNION on other two sides. UNI. Color: RD,SL 1976.24.5 (Ashtray) image
6 1977.0005 Briefcase Brown leather with white stitching. Corners on the bottom are strong clear plastic tips. Gold lock on the top of the brief case with leather and gold metal lock attached. "State College of Iowa" sticker with lettering and a panther atop the letters, in purple and gold, on the back of the brief case. Catalog number is on bottom. SCI. Color: BR,WH,GD,PR
7 1980.6.0002 Mug, commemorative Heavy white ceramic stein; large handle; 1/8" gold leaf trim on top edge, 1/4" gold leaf trim on bottom edge, gold leaf trim on center handle; purple and gold SCI logo on face of mug stamped, "State College of Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1876"; rear of mug hand painted, "Aylor, George"; base engraved, "Made in USA". Color: WH
8 1996.13.0049 Megaphone Cone shaped megaphone. black outside with TC". Interior is orange. Metal rim at small end of cone. Paper is a heavy fiber board, riveted togerther at a seam opposite the "TC". ISTC.
9 2001.6.1 Scrapbook "Scrapbook" bound by yarn cord. Front cover SNAP SHOTS, Souvenir of/Marshalltown, Iowa, illustration with cabin, canoes and pine tree. Contents: 19 pages with 34 b&w photos. Inside front cover "These pictures were taken/in Cedar Falls in the/summer of '28 when I/attended I.S.T.C. Iowa/State Teachers College/Now known as U.N.I." Photo 1) "Entrance" entrance of Lang Hall. Photo 2) "The girls from 2410 at a picnic" 18 women seated outdoors. Photo 3) "'Mother Wessels' and her girls" 18 women posed in street. Photo 4) "Snap shot" ~8 women outdoors around wooden table. Photo 5) "Alice and Margaret" 2 women posed behind hedge. Photo 6) "Margaret and I" 2 women posed upon canon. Photo 7) "Aden sisters" 2 women on sidewalk. (page loose) Photo 8) "Smokestack" I.S.T.C. power plant and Women's gym. Photo 9) "Campanile". Photo 10) "Myself" woman standing with campus buildings behind her (Admn. Bldg.). Photo 11) "Bob More" Man standing on sidewalk. Photo 12) "Alice Rieken" Woman standing in front of window surrounded by ivy. Photo 13) "Vivien" woman standing near cornerstone (Seerley Hall ?). Photo 14) "Two Girls from Minnesota" 2 women leaning against canon. Photo 15) "Alice and I" 2 women sitting on lawn. Photo 16) "Margaret and Mr. More" Man and Woman standing on side walk. Photo 17) 2 men standing on side walk [one is Mr. More]. Photo 18) Campanile. Photo 19) "Alice Rieken and Margaret Wingert" 2 women standing behind hedge [same as phto 5]. Photo 20) Man and woman stading on side walk [same as photo 16]. Photo 21) "Road paving" Man and dump truck. Photo 22) "Paving" Cement mixing machinery [?]. Photo 23) "Road paving near Eldor[a?]. Photo 24) "Carl Hofher my first classmate" Man standing near automobile. No Photo "John Tjoden". No photo "Jessie Ruter". Photo 25) "Spot" Dog on sidewalk. Photo 26) "Grotus and the colt" Man, mare and colt. Photo 27) "John, Jeanette and Diana" 3 people in an automobile. Photo 28) "Pine lake" boat on lake. Photo 29) "Indian girls at the Tama Pow Wow" 2 young girls in traditional garb, outdoors. Photo 30) "My school 'kids' at Shiloh No. 4" 7 children sitting on grass. No photo "Lillian, Alice and I". Photo 31) "My school 'kids' at Shiloh No. 3" 12 children standing outdoors in coats and hats. No photo. Photo 32) "Alice Rieken and I" 2 women sitting on lawn [same as photo 15]. Photo 33) "1928" woman standing [myself]. Photo 34) two women on canon [same as photo 6]. Color: BR,BK 2001.6.1 (Scrapbook) image