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1 1965.48 Ephemera Iowa Wildlife Federation First Annual Governors Awards Banquet. a.Invitation. b. Program with Gov. Hughes photograph and autograph. Color: BR,YL 1965.48 (Ephemera ) image
2 1969.34 Map Copy of 1968 lithograph of Cedar Falls showing an aerial view of Cedar Falls. Color: TN,BK. There is a crease in the middle of the map running from top to bottom 1969.34 (Map) image
3 1970.47.5.35 Booklet "Sea Shells, Corals, Curios, Etc., Iowa Bird Co., Des Moines, Iowa". 32 pp. Color: ML 1970.47.5.35 (Booklet) image
4 1970. Magazine "The Furrow"; May-June 1935. Color: BK,TN,GR
5 1970. Handbill Giant firecracker sale. Multiple creases in the paper. Rip from the paper in the middle left side. All corners and most edges are showing signs of color fading. Small brown stain on the middle back of the paper. 1970. (Handbill) image
6 1970.52 Map 1930 census. "Hammond's County Map of Iowa, Copyright by C. S. Hammond & Co., N. Y."
7 1972.43 Map From 1940 census; DX gas station map. Color: WH,BL,RD 1972.43 (Map) image
8 1975.4.186 Advertisement "Ball-Band" Artics snowboots advertisement. "Whatever you need in rubber or woolen footwear you can get in "Ball-Band" the kind that gives more days wear." Ole Houg, Dows, IA. No date given. Unused. 1975.4.186 (Advertisement) image
9 1975.4.49 Map Iowa Road Map. Distributed by Sinclair Gasoline. 1940 census used in population figures. On the front cover there is a man in a Sinclair cap pointing to the bottom of the map. The description he points to says "Look to SINCLAIR for better products and better service. In the background a red Ford is driving on a road with a billboard behind it saying "Road Map and Pictorial Sight Seeing Guide. 1975.4.49 (Map) image
10 1978.2 Booklet "Iowa Drivers' Guide''; 1947. Color: RD,BK 1978.2 (Booklet) image
11 1979.48.9 Booklet "Iowa; Center of Our Nation's Food Supply, Land of Industrial Opportunity", produced by Iowa Development Commission, published by The State of Iowa, 1950. White paper cover, front cover illustrated with Iowa State Flag, rear cover with state flower & state bird; twenty-four (24) pages of black and whtie photographs, and printed general information concerning Iowa. Color: BK,WH,RD,BL 1979.48.9 (Booklet) image
12 1980.26.4 Map Photocopied; Cedar Falls bird's eye view. Color: BK,WH 1980.26.4 (Map) image
13 1980.44.1 Map Depicts various county boundaries and major cities and towns, quite detailed; map attached to and folds into hardbound brown cloth cover booklet; decorative engraved design on exterior cover, front cover with engraved gold leaf title, "IOWA, A. RANNEY"; interior front cover lists various maps, chart, books, and prints available from A. Ranney Publishing Col, "A. RANNEY, Publisher, 195 Broadway, N. Y." Map is torn at left side. The crease of the book shows discoloration. There are a few dusty colored spots on the front towards the edges. The inside of the book has some orangish spots towards the middle. 1980.44.1 (Map) image
14 1986.10.1 Newspaper ''Farm Bureau Spokesman,'' vol. 1, no. 1, September 15, 1934. Reproduction. Color: BK,WH
15 1988.33.52 Book "Constitution and Government: Iowa and the Nation," by Hugh C. Moeller and Fred C. Bowersox. "Anna Flom" written in pencil on front cover. Color: Dark tan, black, white
16 1989.43.736 Ticket For "Ruthven Cornet Band, good for one dance." July 14, 1985. Color: PR 1989.43.736 (Ticket) image
17 1991.16.2 Label First premium tag, Kossuth County, 1933. Color: PR,BK 1991.16.2 (Label) image
18 1991.16.3 Label Entry tag, N-2-52-60. Color: BK,WH 1991.16.3 (Label) image
19 1994.32.140 Blotter Christmas, 1947 advertising blotter from Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa. Cedar Falls, Iowa
20 1994.32.164 Booklet "Dodge-Lackey Geography of Iowa" by James H. Lees. Written in ink inside, "To my good friend, Cable, with the best regards of the writer." Stamped "E. J. Cable." 52 pp. ills. Color: BK,WH
21 1998.2.12 Book "Views from the Lawn City". On green cover the title is written in gold and outlined in green . Under that is a small gold bar with "Cedar Falls, Iowa" written in greent. Under that is written ''1917-1918'' in black ink. There is a geometric moon-shaped design coming off the "C" in "City". To the side of this a shape extends down and gets larger. It is green with gold specks. To the side of this is a rectanglar box with the letters "ISTC" written in green. The background is gold and has a white building in the center of it. The back cover has "Daily Record Print Cedar Falls, Iowa" written in small green print in the center of the cover. The inside title page is made of textured paper. Color: GR,GD
22 1998.24.1 Certificate, stock Full page of certificates to be issued by the Normal Savings and Loan. The page has one large stock certificate at the top of the page and ten smaller certificates from the middle of the page toward the bottom. The large stock certificate has a logo of three buildings which are from left to right: South Hall, Administration Building, and North Hall. At the top of the certificate it says "Organized under the Laws of the State of Iowa." Below the logo it says "20,000 Shares, Authorized Capitol, Two Million Dollars, Incorporated 1892." The certificates each have three sentences with spaces that are to be written in when it is issued. Above the signature spaces in the right bottom corner of the certificate is A. D. 189_ which is to be filled in when issued. The smaller coupon certificates are numbered Coupon 1-10. Color: BK,WH
23 2000.7.10 Leaflet "Fresh Water Pearl Buttons" by Muscatine pearl works, manufacturers of "luckyday" pearl buttons.Article and figures describing how buttons are produced from fresh water clams harvested in Iowa. Color: WH, BK
24 2002.7.140 Magazine The Iowa Magazine section - "The Eighth Wonder" , "How Iowa Counties Were Named" . "How Iowa Counties Were Named" written on the front cover in pencil. Color: WH,BK
25 2017-8-1 Certificate Certificate issued by the state of Iowa appointing Patricia Higby to the Power Fund Board. Certificate was issued October 2nd, 2007 and signed by Governor, Chester Culver. 2017-8-1 (Certificate) image
26 2018-4-1 Certificate "Women's Christian Temperance Union of Iowa" Life Patron award given to Mrs. Robert Mitchell by the Waterloo W.C.T.M group.
27 2020-20-10 Letter Appointment letter issued to Pat Higby by Governor Chester Culver for her senate approval to serve as a member on the Power Fund Board in 2008. 2020-20-10 (Letter) image
28 2020-20-11 Letter Appointment letter issued to Pat Higby by Governor Chester Culver for receipt of her Oath of Office for the Power Fund Board (9/5/2007) 2020-20-11 (Letter) image
29 2020-20-12 Document Oath of Office for Patricia Hiby for the Power Fund Board for her term beginning 5/1/2008 and ending 4/30/2011. 2020-20-12 (Document) image
30 2020-20-13 Document Oath of Office for Patricia Hiby for the Power Fund Board for her term beginning 9/5/2007 and ending 4/30/2008 2020-20-13 (Document) image
31 2020-20-14 Certificate Certificate in recognition of honor from the office of the governor of Iowa to Pat Higby for her service on the Power Fund Board. Issued to her on 8/4/2011 by Terry E. Branstad.  2020-20-14 (Certificate) image
32 2020-20-15 Letter Letter for governor Terry Branstad to Patricia Higby thanking her for her service on the Iowa Power Fund board.  2020-20-15 (Letter) image
33 2020-20-3 Ephemera Protest sticker from the proposed coal power plant construction in Waterloo, Iowa in 2007. This stick shows three smoke stacks emitting smog into the air with “Coal Plant NO” written below. The address “ is printed on the bottom.Coal-Fired Power Plant Blocked in Iowa   From the news outlet: DES MOINES, Iowa, October 15, 2007 (ENS) - Opponents of a new coal-fired power plant proposed in Waterloo, including the Sierra Club and the Iowa Farmers Union, celebrated a victory Thursday when a state panel rejected the City of Waterloo's request to annex land for the plant. The City Development Board decided that the annexation of land owned by residents who oppose the annexation did not meet the state guidelines for approval. Hundreds of citizens protested the annexation at a hearing in September. LS Power is proposing the $1.5 billion, 750-megawatt plant to serve up to 500,000 homes, some of which may be out of the state. "It was clear that this annexation was not in the public interest," said Carole Yates of the Cedar Prairie Group of the Sierra Club. "Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of global warming in the country and this proposal was a collection of worst practices - for our energy system, for our economy, for the environment, and for our community." The annexation proposal came before the City Development Board because a landowner, retired farmer Merle Bell, is standing against the plant. Last month more than 500 people rallied at Bell's farm in support of Bell and against LS Power. His farm has been in his family for more than a century. "I've lived on this land all my life," says Bell. "I promised my father I'd never sell the farm and I don't want to sell." Bell was joined in opposing the annexation and development of the site by neighbor Phyllis Morgan and 17 farmers who are opposed to plans for transmission lines across their land. The farmers' resistance attracted the attention of Iowa Farmers Union, which officially opposes the plant. "We have concluded that farmers benefit more from farm-based renewable energy than from giant new coal plants. We consider plants like this a threat to a sustainable, farm-based rural economy," said Gregg Heide of Pomeroy, board member of Iowa Farmers Union. Sierra Club and the citizen advocacy group, Community Energy Solutions, represented by nonprofit law firm Plains Justice, filed briefs against the proposal. "This is the beginning of the end for LS Power in Iowa," said Sierra Club organizer Mark Kresowik. "States across the country are recognizing the dangers of overdependence on coal and have rejected new plants. It's time for Governor Culver to truly embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy and say no to more dirty coal." The lack of annexation approval may not mean the end for this project as the city can reapply with a different configuration of land to be annexed. LS Power Project Manager Mark Milburn said the vote does not derail the project, which could go on even without annexation. But the utility wants to pay taxes to the city, and it makes sense to add the land to the already developed nearby industrial park, he said. Florida, Oklahoma, Delaware, Idaho, and California have rejected new coal plants in favor of cleaner energy options in the past 12 months. Copyright Environment News Service (ENS) 2007. All rights reserved. 2020-20-3 (Ephemera) image
34 2020-20-8 Letter Appointment letter issued to Pat Higby by Governor Chester Culver for her appointment on the Power Fund Board for her 9/5/2007 - 4/30/2008 term.  2020-20-8 (Letter) image
35 2020-20-9 Letter Appointment letter issued to Pat Higby by Governor Chester Culver for her appointment on the Power Fund Board starting on 5/1/2008.  2020-20-9 (Letter) image
36 2021-22-1 Advertising Ink blotter advertising card issued by the Latta's comapny in Cedar Falls, IA. This blotter features advertising for the Codo company for their carbon papers and typewriter ribbons. 
37 2021-22-189 Notepad Small rectangle shaped notepad. Green cover, "Notes To remember..." "Hawkeye School Supply Co. Mason City, Iowa" Notepad is unused. 
38 2021-22-190 Booklet "The Mesquakies of Iowa" A summary of Findings of the First Five Years, The University of Chicago - State University of Iowa" booklet has an orange cover is an illustration of an Native American warrior. 
39 2021-FIC-37 Photograph Photograph of The First Airplane to Land in Cedar Falls, in 1914. With detailed information on the back of the photograph.
40 2021-FIC-38 Photograph Photograph Copy of The First Airplane to Land in Cedar Falls, in 1914. With detailed information on the back of the photograph. 
41 2023-FIC-25 Souvenir Souvenir booklet from the Iowa Soldiers Home in Marshalltown, Iowa from 1919 and shows photographs of current staff and the campus. 
42 2023-FIC-26 Postcard Postcard showing the Iowa River in Dows, Iowa. Photograph features a steel bridge and was made by the Co-Mo Company in Minneapolis.