Military Textile Box 5

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1 Raincoat World War II. U. S. Army enlisted green overcoat, field issue. Button-down desing intended to seal off elements of harsh weather (I.e. rain, snow, wind). Coat appears to be sealed with some form of synthetic coating. Tape has been applied to some areas that are tearing/broken. Color: GR (Raincoat) image
2 1969.16.1 Uniform Enlisted man's World War II field dress issue. a. Eisenhower style waist length jacket, olive green wool material; five (5) green plastic buttons at front; two button flap breast pockets; shoulder straps; metal adjustment slides at wiast sides; three (3) green chevrons & a single rocker bar on blue cloth patch (Technical Sergeant 3rd grade) on mid-sleeves; blue cloth patch, red arrow & white stars (Pacific Theatre of Operations) on upper left shoulder; four (4) yellow cloth bars on green patch on lower left sleeve (2 years overseas service); single green diagonal stripe (Federal Service) on lower left sleeve ( 2 years overseas service); single green diagonal stripe (Federal Service) on lower left sleeve; white cloth patch, red roundel center (37th Division) on upper right shoulder sleeve; green cloth diamond shaped patch, gold eagle design & wreath above right breast pocket ( discharge patch, "ruptured duck"); five (5) ribbon bars above left breast pocket; "U.S." on right lapel, medical insignia on left lapel. b. Pants, wool. Color: GR 1969.16.1 (Uniform) image
3 1970.36.39 Skirt Woman's. U. S. Naval Reserve. Navy blue A-line. Color: BL 1970.36.39 (Skirt) image
4 1970.36.96 Pants U. S. Army enlisted man's Vietnam War era field or fatigue issue; olive green cotton material; button front closure, with five (5) green plastic buttons; slash side pockets, button flap rear pockets; adjustment tabs & buttons at waist; interior waist label, "Trousers, Men's, cotton Sateen, 8.5 oz. OG-107". Size: medium. Color: GR 1970.36.96 (Pants) image
5 1980.1.1 Overcoat Mackinaw style, U. S. Army officer. a. Coat, olive drab wool; double breasted; cargo style side pockets, sleeve insignia. b. and c. Oak leaf shoulder insignia, brass painted gray pot metal; d. Belt, wool; plastic buttons. Color: KH 1980.1.1 (Overcoat) image
6 1982.9.7 Uniform Army nurse. a. Dress. Dacron polyester and cotton; front full length zipper and snap closure; collar and cuffs have 6 narrow tucks at the edges; rectangular piece sewn to either side of zipper on bodice (possibly for pinning on ID tag or military insignia; label inside collar reads "14 Short 8410-177-4916"'. Washing and garment information and laundry instructions; fitted at waist, slightly A-line skirt with slash pockets at sides just below waist; soiled, discolored, sewing at right side front waist coming apart; see also 1982.9.003-.006. b. Belt; 2 button closure, tagged "14 short; buttons are missing; heavily stained.
7 1993.9.1 Overcoat US Army officer's; wool. Inside tag: Fred W. Lott, Jr. 1st Lt. Sig C.; Lot 81315; size 38. Outside tag: "Wimbledon genuine beaver officer's overcoat". 2 pockets on outside that are attached to a buttoned opening on the inside; one inside pocket with tag in it on the left hand side. 3 buttons & button holes on each side of the coat so it can be buttoned either way. Tapered around waist; flares toward the bottom and back; strap on back with 2 buttons; lined. Color: KH