Military Textile Box 7

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Jacket U. S. Army officer's World War II dress issue; heavy dark olive drab wool material; gold plated eagle design buttons on front and pockets; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; 1/2" knit green band on sleeve cuffs (denotes officer standing); silver 1st. Lt. bars of rank pinned on both shoulder straps; officer's lapel insignia, Army Eagle gold plated pin, "U.S." pin; campaign ribons above left breast pocket, European Theater, with two gold battle stars for Normandy and Northern France actions; four gold bars cloth patch on lower left sleeve, denotes two years overseas service (each bar representing 6 months); shoulder patch on upper left sleeve, red, blue, yellow, & white cloth patch depicts large lightning bolt flanked by two yellow chains, with a blue star at center (denotes European Theater of Operations, Advanced Base) Color: GR, ML (Jacket) image
2 1970.36.42 Blouse Women's U. S. Naval Reserve officer's World War II issue; navy blue cotton material; four (4) blue plastic buttons on front; long sleeves; interior labels, "Women's Naval Reserve", "An Exclusive Bozart Custom Made Blouse, Size 14"; no pockets or insignia. Color: BL 1970.36.42 (Blouse) image
3 1970.36.48 Jacket U. S. Navy (Naval Reserve?) officer's World War II issue; gray cotton material; black plastic buttons on front and pockets, eagle design in relief; shoulder loops for attachment of shoulder boards; no lining or interior pockets; four (4) button flap pockets; interior collar label, "Mirror Test Uniforms"; interior right side label, "Finchley, Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, New York". Color: GY,BK 1970.36.48 (Jacket) image
4 1970.36.50 Coat U. S. Navy officer's World War II dress issue; heavy navy blue (black) wool material; double breasted; gold plated front buttons, U. S. Navy eagle design; upper left breast slash pocket, slash hip pockets; sword hanger opening in left side seam, directly above left hip pocket. Gold bullion brocade band and silver bullion brocade band on sleeve, denoting rank of navy Ensign; navy blue (black) satin lined interior sides; interior side pockets; right side pocket label, "Ship's Service Store, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA.; Color: BK 1970.36.50 (Coat) image
5 1980.1.5 Jacket U. S. Army officer's summer dress issue; lightweight khaki-tan cotton; button front, partial satin lining; interior right pocket. Color: KH 1980.1.5 (Jacket) image
6 1993.9.2.1 Jacket US Army officer's jacket, wool. Has silver captain's bars and Signal Corps Insignia: crossing red & white flags with a torch in the center; one pin on each side. Airforce sleeve patch: on left sleeve, blue patch with gold wings and white star with a red circle in the center. Service stripes: on left sleeve (4) one for each 6 months of overseas service. Unit crest: blue & gray with hatchet; distinctive unit insignia. Four bars; top (blue); American campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - March 2, 1946; bottom (left to right): (yellow): American Defense Service medal (Sept. 8, 1939 - Dec. 7, 1941) (green) European-African -middle eastern campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - Nov. 8, 1945- each star represents a campaign. (red) WWII victory Dec. 7, 1941 - Dec. 31, 1946. Front 3 gold buttons down front and a brown one on the bottom; 4 pockets, each with a gold button. tapered in center with metal latches on sides. Gold border on bottom of sleeves. Purchased with commission money in 1942 for being accepted into Cadet School.
7 1995.14.5 Shirt U. S. Army dress shirt; oilive drab buttons on breast pickets, 6 olive drab buttons down the front, 2 on shoulders, 2 on wrists. Color: GR
8 1995.14.6 Necktie U. S. Army dress tie; gold stitching on back. Color: BR
9 2004.7.2 Skirt Navy blue. Six panels. Two front slit pockets. Closes on the side with a button and side zipper. Black fabric. Inside label reads "Authority of the U. S. Navy. U. S. Women Naval Reserve." "Evelyn F. Starkey" also sewn on the inside. Part of WAVES uniform 2004.7.1-4. Color: BL