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1 1970.12.1 Jacket World War II Naval Reserve officer's dress issue uniform. Dark navy blue (black) wool material; double-breasted with six gold-plated eagle embossed buttons, slash left breast pocket & side waist pockets; three (3) 1/2" gold brocade stripes & single star on sleeve cuffs; three (3) 1/2" gold brocade stripes & gold metal star on removable shoulder boards; six (6) ribbons on two ribbon bars above left breast pocket, top bar:_____bar, World War II service bar, & Mediterranean Theatre bar; lower bar: Victory bar (with star), Army of Occupation bar (Germany) & American Theatre bar; black satin lining; interior right pocket, label, "Bremer's, Iowa City". Worn by Dr. Paul F. Bender. b. Left shoulder board. c. Right shoulder board. Color: BL,ML 1970.12.1 (Jacket) image
2 1970.12.4 Epaulet Commander's. Black with three gold stripes, a gold button and a gold star. World War II Naval Reserve. There are two of them; the one on the left shoulder is "a," the right shoulder is "b." Have been restitched. Color: BK,GD
3 1970.36.51 Coat, uniform a. Jacket, U. S. Navy (Reserves, training???) officer's World War II issue; heavy dark green wool material; brass buttons on front & pockets; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; two (2) 1/2" wide black knit bands on sleeve cuffs, black star above (denotes rank of Lieutenant); interior dark green satin lining; interior right pocket label, "Regulation U. S. Navy Uniform". Color: GR 1970.36.51 (Coat, uniform) image
4 1970.36.57 Uniform U. S. Army enlisted man's World War I issue; olive green wool material; tunic tyle collar; shoulder straps; brass metal buttons, eagle design in relief; four button flap pockets; bandsman's cloth embroidered patch, gold star, lyre, & laurel leaves on right sleeve; wire "overseas service" chevron on left sleeve cuff; red chevron on mid-left sleeve; clover leaf shaped blue velvet patch on left shoulder ( denotes 88th Infantry Division); metal collar disc insignia, lyre design, left collar; metal whistle and chain suspended from left shoulder strap; double ribbon bar above left breast pocket. a. Jacket, U. S. Army enlisted man's - World War I. b. Tan felt overseas cap, lyre insignia cloth patch on front. c. Chain & whistle. d. Metal collar insignia, lyre design. e. Ribbon bar, above left breast pocket. Color: GR 1970.36.57 (Uniform) image
5 1970.36.58 Jacket U. S. Army officer's, World War I; olive drab wool whipcord material; tunic collar, shoulder straps, button flap pockets; brown plastic buttons, U. S. eagle design; 1/2" gold strip on each sleeve cuff ( denotes officer's standing). Color: GR,GD 1970.36.58 (Jacket) image
6 1975.25.1 Uniform Army enlisted man's & NCO's Vietnam War era combat-tropical issue; known as the jungle jacket; olive green rip-stop cotton poplin material. a. Jacket. Five (5) green plastic buttons on front; two (2) green plastic buttons on inteior of each pocket flap; two (2) button flap cargo breast pockets (slanted so as to be out of the way of pack straps); two (2) button flap cargo hip pockets; green cloth patch, four (4) embroidered black stars on right shoulder sleeve; name, "SERPICO", printed above right breast pocket; "U.S.Army", name tape above left breast pocket; black metal collar pin insignia, Master Sergeant; black metal combat badge above left breast pocket, framed musket mounted on floral wreath (awarded to combat veterans); green cloth patch on left shoulder sleeve, black embroidered, "Follow Me", black sword below; cloth arch patch on left shoulder, yellow & black embroidered, "RANGER" ( an elite combat unit) b. Faded green trousers, known as jungle pants; olive green rip-stop cotton poplin material; zippered front closure; slash side pockets, button flap rear pockets, large double button flap cargo pockets on legs; adjustment tabs & buckles on waist; drawstring bottom of pants cuffs, for blousing pants over combat boots. Interor label, "Trousers, Man's cotton Wind Resistant rRp-Stop Poplin, OG-107 Class 1, Trousers, Men's, combat, Tropical". Color: GR 1975.25.1 (Uniform) image
7 1975.25.3 Uniform U. S. Army summer issue. a. Khaki cotton shirt with short sleeves, plastic buttons, two flap chest pockets and sergeant stripes on both sleeves. Shirt has been drycleaned and is in nice condition. Vietnam War. b. Khaki cotton trousers with brown plastic buttons, flap pockets, and belt loops, but no belt. Metal clip & zipper front closure; slash side & rear pockets; belt loops; interior waist band stamped "P1657"; interior waist band label, "Trousers, Man's cotton, U. t., 8.2 oz. Khaki, Type 1, class 1, DSA 100-69-C-1380, 34 x 31". Inside and outside of waistband is marked "P1657". Vietnam War. Color: KH 1975.25.3 (Uniform) image
8 1975.25.4 Uniform U. S. Air Force enlisted man's Vietnam War era dress issue. a.Heavy blue wool dress jacket; four (4) silver metal air force buttons at front; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; blue cloth patches (circle with wings) three (3) silver bars on each wing, & a silver star at center, on sleeves; silver metal lapel pins, "U.S."; satin lining; interior right pocket; inside interior right pocket, label, "Coat, Man's, blue 1084, Specification Mi.-C-27438C (USAF)". b. Trousers, U. S. Air Force enlisted man's Vietnam War era dress issue; heavy blue wool material; slash side & rear pockets; belt loops; interior waist band stamped, "J-8075"; interior label, "Trousers, Men's wool, Serge Blue 1084 (AF), Class 4, Type I". Size Md. - Reg. (short). c. Shirt, U. s. Air Force enlisted man's Vietnam War era dress issue; light blue cotton/polyester material; long sleeves; patch pocket on left breast six (6) white plastic buttons on front; interior collar label, "Shirt, Man's, Cotton/Polyester Broadcloth, Blue Shade 1550, Type I". d. Overseas or garrison cap, U. s. Air Force enlisted man's Vietnam War etra dress issue; blue wool/polyester material, dark blue piping on edge; undlined; interior label, "JUHL, C. L., 48162075, Cap, Garrison, Polyester/Wool Serge, Blue 1549, Mil-C-3261 B (USAF)". e. necktie, dark blue cotton/polyester material, slender tapered cut; unadorned. f. Web belt, heavy black cotton webbing material; detachable brass metal buckle; brass end tab. Color: BL 1975.25.4 (Uniform) image