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1 Clipping "Remember the Days Before". Color: BK,WH German propaganda leaflets fired at American troops in a Normandy hedgerow during the June 1944 invasion of France. Picked up near Saint Vith by Lieutenant Bovee. (Clipping) image
2 Sticker, bumper "McCarthy for President". Color: BK,BL
3 1970.65 Sticker, bumper "Gross", blue letters on luminous orange background; 1970. Color: BL,RD 1970.65 (Sticker, bumper) image
4 1972.19 Card, identification Finance Committee for the re-election of the President, 1972. Color: SL 1972.19 (Card, identification) image
5 1972.33 Stamp Nixon stamps. (25). 1972.33 (Stamp) image
6 1972.38.1 Sticker, bumper White background with red and blue letters, "Democrats for Nixon". Color: RD,WH,BL
7 1972.38.18.1 Booklet For Neil Stadlman, Republican candidate for Secretary of Agriculture. Color: BK,WH
8 1972.38.18.10 Leaflet Nixon neighborhood volunteer folder. Color: WH,BL,RD 1972.38.18.10 (Leaflet) image
9 1972.38.18.11 Leaflet Picture of president Nixon at his White House desk. Campaign information entitled "The Record" is on the reverse side. Color: ML 1972.38.18.11 (Leaflet) image
10 1972.38.18.2 Booklet For Neil Stadlman, Republican candidate for Secretary of Agriculture. Color: BK,WH 1972.38.18.2 (Booklet) image
11 1972.38.18.3 Handbill Robert H. Lounsberry, Republican candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. Reverse side has county serial numbers, population in thousands, and mileage to Iowa county seat towns. 1972.38.18.3 (Handbill) image
12 1972.38.18.4 Handbill On Governor Ray. "Ray for Young People". Color: YL,RD,BK 1972.38.18.4 (Handbill) image
13 1972.38.18.8 Booklet On Republicans; Robert D. Ray for governor; reverse side has county serial numbers. Color: BK,WH 1972.38.18.8 (Booklet) image
14 1972.38.18.9 Handbill Sheet on voting on required unlimited annual sessions of the Iowa Legislature. a. Five duplicates of this sheet, "Vote No Annual Sessions". b. Envelope. 1972.38.18.9 (Handbill) image
15 1972.38.2 Sticker, bumper White background with blue letters stating "President Nixon". Red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
16 1972.38.20 Sticker, bumper Red lettered, bearing the words "Re-elect U. S. Senator Miller" on a black background. Color: BK,RD
17 1972.38.21 Sticker, bumper "Stanley Republican for U. S. Senator" in black letters on a white background. Color: WH,BK
18 1972.38.3 Sticker, bumper "President Nixon. Now more than ever." on a white background with a red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
19 1972.38.4 Sticker, bumper "Nixon Now" on a white background with a red and blue striped border edge on the top and bottom. Color: RD,WH,BL
20 1972.58.13 Sticker, bumper "McGovern" with red letters on a white background. Color: RD,WH
21 1972.58.14 Sticker, bumper "O'Halloran for State Representative campaign bumper sticker with white letters on a blue background. Color: WH,BL
22 1972.58.15 Sticker, bumper "CLARK U.S. SENATE" Union label lower right, Black lettering, orange background Color: RD,WH,BL
23 1972.58.5 Sticker, bumper "Remember October 9" in blue letters on a white background. Color: BL,WH
24 1972.58.6 Sticker, bumper "I am for Mc Govern" with white letters on a navy blue background. Color: BL,WH
25 1972.58.7 Sticker, bumper "Iowa wants McGovern" with black letters and a picture of Iowa on a red-orange background. Color: BK,RD-OR
26 1972.59.11 Handbill On Governor Ray. Color: BK,WH,YL 1972.59.11 (Handbill) image
27 1972.59.14 Sticker, bumper "Gov. Ray Republican"; red letters on a yellow background. Color: RD,YL 1972.59.14 (Sticker, bumper) image
28 1972.59.15 Sticker, bumper Blue letters on a white backbround with a red and blue border. "President Nixon". Color: RD,WH,BL
29 1972.59.16 Sticker, bumper "Nixon Now" bumper sticker with blue and red letters on a white background with a red and blue border trim. Color: RD,WH,BL
30 1972.59.8 Sticker, bumper "Nixon - Agnew", with white lettering on a blue and red background. Color: RD,WH,BL
31 1972.59.9 Sticker, bumper "Nixon, Now More Than Ever".
32 1972.63.2 Handbill "Elect Bill Rocap U. S. Senator from American Indpendent Party" campaign literature. A picture of Rocap is on the front. Color: BL,WH 1972.63.2 (Handbill) image
33 1972.78 Ballot For Iowa General Election November 7, 1972 for 18th senatorial district, 36th representative district. Published in The Northern Iowan, November 7, 1972, page 8.
34 1973.55.4 Sticker "SKINNY CATS FOR DEMOCRATS". White with blue writing and blue outlined picture of a cat. Copyright 1972 by Democratic National Committee. Printed in a circle on square paper. Color: WH,BL 1973.55.4 (Sticker) image
35 1974.22.2 Notebook Of James E. Walmsley, General election, 11/3/64. Front says "Vote for James E. Walmsley". Color: BK,WH 1974.22.2 (Notebook) image
36 1974.54.1 Handbill The Democrats. Yellow paper with black print. Portraits of Democratic presidents on cover, photographs of candidates inside. Color: YL,BK 1974.54.1 (Handbill) image
37 1974.64.3 Sticker "Stanley for U. S. Senate. Yellow letters on blue base cut in the shape of a shoe bottom. Printed on nylon. Color: YL,BL 1974.64.3 (Sticker) image
38 1974.67.5 Sticker White with circle to be removed and displayed. In the center of the circle is a green line caricature of an elephant with trunk raised high and the slogan "Trunks UP!" Color: WH,GR 1974.67.5 (Sticker) image
39 1974.70.1 Print, photographic Richard M. Nixon. On back of photo is written in blue, "Should the President be impeached?" Should he resign?" and "Should he remain in office?"; includes envelope. Color: BK,WH,BL 1974.70.1 (Print, photographic) image
40 1975.4.90 Clipping, newspaper Of day following election of 1920. Warren G. Harding, President-elect, Calvin Coolidge, Vice-President-elect with photos of both and headline reading: "Lead G.O.P. Cohorts to Wonderful Victory." 1975.4.90 (Clipping, newspaper) image
41 1975.52 Newspaper, article City of Cedar Falls city election from 11/4/75 election. Clipping from the Cedar Falls Record, 11/5/75.
42 1976.24.22 Sticker, bumper "CARTER for President" with union label and the number 13 under the word "for". Paper backing peels off to expose adhesive backing. Color: WH,GR
43 1976.6.10 Political Pin, Political Button 1972 membership for McGovern Million-Member Club. a. Button (pin). "I BELONG MCGOVERN MMM MILLION-MEMBER CLUB. HOW ABOUT YOU?" White above and below red and blue center stripes with blue letters. White lettering on red and blue center stripes. b. Card, white with red, white, and blue patch like center stripes on pin, "McGovern MMM MILLION-MEMBER CLUB." ________HAS MADE A CONTRIBUTION TO MCGOVERN-FOR-PRESIDENT AND IS HEREBY RECOGNIZED AS "ONE IN A MILLION" signed by illegible-named campaign director. c. Card for attachment of above two items. Color: Rd,WH,BL 1976.6.10 (Political Pin, Political Button) image
44 1976.77.2 Sticker, bumper "Keep Grassley in Congress". Chuck Grassley took office in January of 1981 and remains to be a US Senator from Iowa today (10/20/15). A student of UNI when it was still Iowa State Teachers College, he received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees from here. This bumper sticker is in support of Grassley as a Representative of Iowa's 3rd district. Grassley was a member from 1975-1981. 1976.77.2 (Sticker, bumper) image
45 1976.77.3 Sticker, bumper "McCarthy '76" with white letters on blue background. Color: BL,WH
46 1976.78.1.2 Sticker, bumper "Ford, Dole". "Ford" on left side, white letters on blue background. "Dole" on right side, white letters on red background.
47 1976.78.3 Sticker, Political Sticker- Round sticker attached to a square backing. The backing is white in color while the sticker is blue on top and red below with a white border. On the blue section in white letters is "Ford," while "Dole" is in white letters on the red. There is a white line seperating the two sections. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.78.3 (Sticker, Political) image
48 1976.80.3 Sticker "Jimmy Carter for President" White letters on green background. In center is picture of Carter on white background. Color: WH,GR 1976.80.3 (Sticker) image
49 1976.80.7 Sticker "Your vote will be appreciated, Isabelle Frerichs for Auditor." Black lettering on gold background. Color: BK,GD 1976.80.7 (Sticker) image
50 1976.90.7 Sticker "Ford, Dole" campaign for Republican presidential candidates. "Ford" on top half of seal in white letters on blue background. "Dole" on bottom half of seal in white letters on red background. Color: RD,WH,BL 1976.90.7 (Sticker) image