Rod Library 499 (North Wall)

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Catalog # Name Description
1 MAC-117 Van Dyke Brown Print Power Behind the Throne by artist Katherine Ahrens. 1981 Library Purchase Award. MAC-117 (Van Dyke Brown Print) image
2 MAC-118 Aquatint Side Road to the Right, edition 10/159 by artist Linda Plotkin. UNI Art and Architecture Committee 1976. MAC-118 (Aquatint) image
3 MAC-128 Color Photograph Harpender Windows England by artist Laurel Spingola. Library Purchase Award 1985 College Hill Arts Festival. MAC-128 (Color Photograph) image
4 MAC-20 Charcoal on Stonehenge The Sight of Music in a Cave by artist Andrew Golightly. 2014 Catherine Haynes Memorial Quasi-Endowed Fund Purchase Award. MAC-20 (Charcoal on Stonehenge) image