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1 1975.4.0269 Manuscript "True Success". One-page definition of how someone really is successful. Written by Bessie A. Stanley. Color: WH,BK 1975.4.0269 (Manuscript) image
2 1986.4.0331 Essay Teacher Notes, The Teacher and [?] by Colgrove, The Making of a Teacher, hand written, in pencil on lined tablet paper.
3 1986.4.0332B Roster 1st Semester Program, A Schedule of lessons during the day, from Aletha Jacobs Collection
4 1986.4.0332C Roster Second Semester Program, A Daily for Class during the Second Semester
5 1986.4.0398 Roster Handwritten Student Roster.
6 1986.4.0416 Memorandum Two pages hand written Final Average, 6th grade boys. Color: BK,WH
7 1986.4.0459 Guide, study Handwritten sheet marked "Music". Color: WH,BK,BL,RD
8 1986.4.0461 List Assignment list, 1959-1960. Handwritten. Color: WH,BL
9 1986.4.0514 Roster List of pupils; 5 pages handwritten. Color: BK,WH
10 1986.4.0515 Roster List of pupils; 4 pages handwritten. Color: BK,WH,RD
11 1986.4.0520 Essay "Democracy today"; 3 pages. handwritten. Color: BK,WH
12 1986.4.0521 Essay Freshman essay, handwritten. 2 pp. Color: BK,WH
13 1986.4.0528 Notebook Note pad called National Note Book, with an American Legion seal in the center. In pencil at top 1st semester test questions, and between the seal and the words Note Book it's signed Miss Jacobs. 1986.4.0528 (Notebook) image
14 2002.7.0227 Notes, Looseleaf Essay, "The Happy Life." Six two-hole punch lined looseleaf pages, (a-f) Pages a-c written on only one side; pages d - f written on both sides. All but first page are numbered in roman numerals. 2002.7.0227 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
15 2002.7.0229 Notes, Looseleaf Essay, "True Greatness in Man." Four two-hole punch lined looseleaf pages.(a - d). Name signed in top left corner on first page (first and possibly last name appear to be abbreviated), could be Clias/Chas/etc. Rugg/Ruqq. 2002.7.0229 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
16 2002.7.0230 Notes, Looseleaf Essay, a synopsis of an oration given by Miss Eightley of Cedar Falls, "Burns As a Poet." Two two-hole punch lined looseleaf pages. (a-b) 2002.7.0230 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
17 2002.7.0234 Notes, Looseleaf Essay, "High School Girls Resolutions." Two-hole punch lined looseleaf page. Written on one side. List of five "Be it resolved that-" I (each item listed.) 2002.7.0234 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
18 2002.7.0235 Notes, Looseleaf Notes on Park's Concert Quarterts, No. 2, for male voices. Two-hole punch lined looseleaf page. Written on one side. Color: WH 2002.7.0235 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
19 2002.7.0238 Notes, Looseleaf "Good Bye Bill Bryan Good Bye." Lined looseleaf page. Written on both sides. Appears to be a song, with 5 verses with the chorus between each. 2002.7.0238 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
20 2002.7.0240 Notes, Looseleaf One lined looseleaf page, not hole punched. Notes of some kind in a list of 1-5. 2002.7.0240 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
21 2002.7.0241 Notes, Looseleaf Essay, "Woman's sphere in Life." Three lined looseleaf two-hole punched pages, written on both sides (a-c). Second page is numbered at center top with roman numeral 2, and page 3 is labeled the same but with a normal 3. 2002.7.0241 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
22 2002.7.0246 Notes, Looseleaf Essay/ Listing, "Subjects for Orations or Compositions." List is numbered 1 to 110. Two lined looseleaf two-hole punched pages, a-b. 2002.7.0246 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
23 2002.7.0247 Notes, Looseleaf Excerpt from unknown essay. One lined looseleaf two-hole punched page, written on both sides. Roman numeral 10 in upper right hand corner. 2002.7.0247 (Notes, Looseleaf) image
24 2021-FIC-156 Notes Daniel 95, March, English I. Teachers Notes.
25 2021-FIC-157 Notes English I. Teachers Notes.
26 2021-FIC-158 Notes Student Grades for a Spelling Test, Teacher Notes. Undated.
27 2021-FIC-159 Notes Student Grades for a Spelling Test, Teacher Notes. Undated.
28 2021-FIC-160 Notes Student Grades for a Spelling Test, Teacher Notes. Undated.
29 2021-FIC-161 Notes Teacher Notes, a piece from a note presumably to a teacher.
30 2021-FIC-162 Notes Teacher Notes, A Sick Baby, a Typed script for students.
31 2021-FIC-163 Notes Teacher Notes, Jan Spelling, A Spelling Grade
32 2021-FIC-164 Notes Teacher Notes, Jan Spelling, Spelling Grades for Students
33 2021-FIC-165 Notes Teacher Notes, March, Spelling Grades for Students
34 2021-FIC-166 Notes Teacher Notes, Feb spelling, Spelling Grades
35 2021-FIC-167 Notes Teacher Notes, Flower 339 West Main 41.
36 2021-FIC-168 Notes Teacher Notes, IV-VI, Questions with Answers, What Colony of Great Birtain is Near Canada? (Newfoundland)
37 2021-FIC-169 Notes Teacher Notes, VII-IX, Questions with Answers, Compare South America with North America in size, In form in the position of their highlands and lowlands.
38 2021-FIC-170 Notes Teacher Notes, Questions VI-X, Hand written Questions, for example VI is Define government. What are the different types of gov't?
39 2021-FIC-171 Notes Teacher Notes, Grammar, Questions VI-X, Write a sentence containing an adverbial clause, and adjective clause and a known clause.
40 2021-FIC-172 Notes Teacher Notes, Xmas Presents a list of objects follows
41 2021-FIC-173 Notes Teacher Notes, Spelling Grades for Students, undated.
42 2021-FIC-174 Notes Teacher Notes, on one side is Hygiene I-V on the other side Geo. I-V, Questions for students.
43 2021-FIC-175 Essay Teacher Notes, How to Be Happy, an Essay on happiness
44 2021-FIC-176 Essay Teacher Notes, History I-V, Questions for Students
45 2021-FIC-177 Poem Teacher Notes, The Passing of the Back House
46 2021-FIC-178 Notes Teacher Notes, Student Grades for Finals
47 2021-FIC-179 Notes Teacher Notes, Premier Class, Page 86, page listing student roles in an unnamed play
48 2021-FIC-180 Notes Teacher Notes, Creative Thought, a set of notes on creativity
49 2021-FIC-183 Notes Teacher Notes, Recipe for Home Brew, a hand written mock recipe for brewing moonshine
50 2021-FIC-185 Notes Teacher Notes, "A Composition on 'Cows', 'The Cow' "., a hand written essay about Cows.