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1 1972.30.11 Diploma State diploma, June 5, 1890, for Carrie B. Hickman in Des Moines.
2 1988.33.101 Diploma "Diploma" for eight years of school, dated the fourth day of June. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
3 1988.33.87 Certificate, attendance For being "Neither Absent Nor tardy", dated the 6th day of April. Awarded to Alma Funnemark.
4 1988.33.90 Certificate, attendance. "DIPLOMA OF HONOR" for being "Neither Absent Nor Tardy", dated the 23rd day of November. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
5 1988.33.93 Diploma Eighth grade; dated the fourth day of June. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
6 1988.33.94 Diploma "DIPLOMA, CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION" dated the 22nd day of July. Awarded to Esther Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
7 1988.33.97 Certificate, attendance. "Diploma of Honor" for being "Neither Absent Nor tardy", dated the 11th day of February. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
8 1988.33.98 Diploma "Diploma, CERTIFICATE OF GRADUATION", dated the 22nd day of July. Awarded to Julius Funnemark. Color: WH,BK
9 1989.32.3 Diploma "Hudson High School", belonging to Edith A. Ehret, dated June 4, 1903. Color: WH,BK
10 1989.42.8 Diploma From "Floyd County Schools"; given to Emily Bannor on June 7, 1924. Color: WH,BK
11 1998.7.1 Diploma Diploma given to Marie Edmonds from the Public Schools of Pocahontas County on May 28, 1912. The diploma was given at Pocahontas and is signed by Lena M. Olson, a teacher, and the county superintendent of schools, Wallie P. Jensen. A gold seal with green and pink ribbon is in the front lower left corner. The top of the front of the diploma has "Iowa Common School Diploma" written on the stationery. On that stationery is a design of three women, one leaning and holding a harp, another holding a wreath and a camera, while the third is seated. On the ground at their feet are the tools of the artist, a globe, maks from the theatre and palm branches. Diploma is white in color while lettering is in black. "Mary E." is written on back lower left corner. Color: WH,BK,GD
12 2004.1.1 Certificate, Teaching Faded in three parts. On the inside it says, "State of Iowa State Teachers Certificate Second Grade." Goes on to state that on Aug. 20, 1921, Mabel L. Meyer graduated from Iowa State Teachers College with the primary education diploma. Signed by the President, Board of Educational examiners. T. E. Mc Clanahan. Back has 3 stamped areas with "Harry McVickers" stamped on it. Also reads "This certificate is registered and valid for", but is not filled in. Color: BK,WH,GD,PR 2004.1.1 (Certificate, Teaching) image
13 2005.5.1 Diploma Grammar school diploma for Norman Durham. Printed with name and date written in hand. Signed by the principal of Filmore School and the superintendent. Color: WH,BK
14 2005.5.2 Diploma Degree for Minnie Durham in the Palmer method of business Writing. Signed by the author. Color: WH,BK
15 2005.5.30 Diploma Grammar School diploma for Minnie Durham. Fillmore School, Cedar Rapids. Printed with name, date, and school. Written by hand. Signed by Principal and Superintendent. Color: WH,BK
16 2012.4.1 Diploma Diploma awarded to LeRoy Kramer on June 1, 1920, by Black Hawk County Public Schools, Waterloo, Iowa. Signed by County Superintendent of Schools H. C. Moeller. County Superintendent of Schools seal on lower left side. Small strips of red, white & blue ribbon are attached to the lower part of the seal. Color: CR, BL
17 2012.4.2 Certificate, attendance "Diploma of Honor" for 16 months of perfect attendance awarded on May 16, 1914 to Harry Schmidt. Student of No. 5 School District, Bennington Township, Black Hawk County Iowa. Color: CR, BL
18 2020-FIC-255 Diploma Diploma awarded to Esther Fonnermark from the Wesley Public Schools, Kossuth County, IA for her completion of High School on May 16, 1919
19 2020-FIC-257 Certificate Copy of a certificiate awarded to Grace D. White for her ability to teach and ability to govern. This First Class Certificate gives her the authorization to teach in the public schools of Boone County, Iowa for twelve months. Issued on August of 1893. 
20 2020-FIC-72 Certificate Teachers' First Class Certificate for Grace D. Soheite. Boone County, September 4, 1893.
21 2021-1-349 Certificate The Palmer Method of Business Writing Teacher's Certificate "This Certifies that Sylvia Jane Brockschink has completed the prescribed course in THE PALMER METHOD of Muscular Movement Business Writing in a satisfactory manner and is thoroughly qualified to execute and teach successfully this system of Busniess Penmanship In Testimony Whereof this AWARD is given at Chicago, Ill. August 19, 1937." Board of Awards: S.W. Palmer, C.J. Newcomb, A.A. Davis.