Sacred & Secular

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0024 Mat Three orange points, edged in black, on natural background. Color: OR, BK, TN 1968.10.0024 (Mat) image
2 1968.10.0025 Mat Used as lid or as bellows. Orange, black, and natural color. Large natural color star with 8 points on orange background. Color: OR,BK,TN
3 1968.10.0026 Mat Four-pointed star, natural, edged in black, on orange background. Color: OR,BK,TN
4 1968.10.0027 Mat Six-pointed natural star on orange background. Natural and black inner circle. Color: OR,BK,TN
5 1968.10.0028 Mat Six-pointed black star on orange background. 3 single circles of natural, 2 double circles of orange and black, center natural. Color: OR,BK,TN
6 1968.10.0029 Mat Four wedges, 2 alternate black and orange arcs, 2 alternate black and natural arcs, natural center. Color: OR,BK,TN