Seerley Hall Case B

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Scientific Instrument Part three of five parts: Metal top.
2 Scientific Instrument Part four of five parts: Metal base.
3 Scientific Instrument Part five of five parts: Glass tube with tube adapter.
4 Tool, Science Constellation finder made by C. J. Kullmer, Syracuse, N. Y. ISTC #13457 still in original box.
5 00.39.37 Extinguisher, fire Subglobular glass jar, yellow glass with raised diamond-shaped pattern. Band around neck of jar spells "Diamond" in black letters on red background. Hard-to-read label says something like: "...How to Use...Grenade so contents will be scattered into flames." Raised letters "NHS" embossed on 2 opposite raised diamonds. Wire loop for hanging around neck of bottle. Color: yl,br
6 1970.31 Roster "Seerley Hall, Opening Year Residents, 1938-1939". ISTC
7 1975.22 Keystone Window keystone from Gilchrist Hall. roughly the shape of a crown and has a 3-pronged fork carved in the middle.
8 1976.24.1 Mug Stein-style mug with blue glaze and a gold rim. Inscription in gold reads "Sadie B. Campbell" along top 3/4" of mug. Circular gold etching on front center shows Campbell Hall main entrance, bordered by "Campbell Hall" on top and "UNI" logo on bottom, below which are two olive branches. Gold inscription of bottom of mug reads: Collegiate Specialty Co., 427 River St., Troy, N.Y. Color: GD,BL
9 1977.5 Briefcase Brown leather with white stitching. Corners on the bottom are strong clear plastic tips. Gold lock on the top of the brief case with leather and gold metal lock attached. "State College of Iowa" sticker with lettering and a panther atop the letters, in purple and gold, on the back of the brief case. Catalog number is on bottom. SCI. Color: BR,WH,GD,PR 1977.5 (Briefcase) image
10 1978.10 Paperweight Crystal glass, bearing a photograph of "Iowa State Normal from South East Cedar Falls, Iowa". The base of the paperweight is marked "A.C. Bosselman & Co. 469 Broadway, New York". A letter is enclosed. . Color: CL,BK,WH
11 1980.24.52 Cup, coffee UNI. White china, alternating green and brown border design; base stamped, "SYRACUSE CHINA, 5-I SYRALITE, U.S.A." Color: WH,GR,BR 1980.24.52 (Cup, coffee) image
12 1990.45.1 Brick From Gilchrist Hall, ISNS. Taken from the ruins after the fire that destroyed it on May 11, 1972. Color: RD
13 1991.23 Paperweight ISNS. "Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, IA".
14 1996.29.15 Bottle, reagent Two parts: A. glass bottle with raised ground glass label "ARCENTIC/NITRATE/AgNO3". Flared narrow mouth. Bottom of bottle reads "PHILA/PAT MAR 25, 1879/whitall(?) & CO./NEW YORK" B. ground glass stopper. Color: OR
15 1996.29.23 Jar, purifying Jar with wide base. Tapers into narrow neck 1/4 up from base & opens again into long bulb with narrow flared opening at apex. Bottom section has tube with pronounced lip attached laterally. Color: CL
16 1996.29.36 Print, photographic Image of women students standing in chemistry lab at UNI. Sqaure, flat finished wood frame. Black & white photo with mat. Color: BR
17 1996.29.6 Bulb, potash Triangular glass tube with 5 bulbs. 2 segments with one bulb each. One segment with 3 bulbs. Ends of tube bent perpendicular to the plane of triangle. Tube filled with reddish fluid. Color: CL,RD
18 2007.8.4 Offset plate Offset plate used for printing Old Gold yearbooks. Old Auditorium (Lang Hall) shown. Stamp with College Relations Office State College of Iowa on back and four sides. 8A and old gold stamped on sides of wood. Plate scratched and smudged. Plate has seperated from wood. Color: BR, BK
19 2016-19-2 model A plastic model of the UNI Dome with an original piece of the Dome roof fabric mounted on the bottom. #773 of 1,000.  2016-19-2 (model) image