Seerley Hall Case D

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.39.4 Spoon Spoon, ISNS (Iowa State Normal School).
2 1969.10.2 Tumbler Eight oz. glass with gold and black design - SCI, labelled sketches of commons, Administration Building, Campanile, Sabin Hall and women's dorm. Color: GD,BK
3 1969.23.2 Tray All white with black UNI symbol in center. Color: WH,BK
4 1976.4.2 Holder, toothpick Green custard glass. Imprinted "Iowa State Normal, Cedar Falls, Iowa," with ground-level view showing Gilchrist Hall, Administration Building, Central Hall, and Auditorium building in pale brown, dark green trees on lawn, double gold rim at top edge, slightly fluted near bottom. . Color: GR
5 1980.38.6 Lighter Butane gas type; metal cap with rotating wheel and flint mechanism, sides embossed, "Gas Lite", with flame logo; white plastic body, face inscribed, "UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA", UNI panther logo; clear plastic base marked, "Gas Lite, M'BORO, TN-37130, MADE IN USA".
6 1980.4 Compact ISTC. Brass metal construction; double compartment, containing two mirrors, two powder puffs, two powder trays; purple colored lid, gold lettering and logo, "Iowa State Teachers College"; push pin front latch, hinged back. A. Compact, double compartments, trays and mirrors. B. Powder puff; cotton cloth pad; labeled "ARABAY"; C. Powder puff; same as 80.004b. Color: PR,GD 1980.4 (Compact) image
7 1980.6.1 Plate, commemorative Painted face and tassel design in relief on bottom face; gold leaf trim on raised edges; scalloped top edge; color drawing of ISNS campus (picturing Auditorium Building and cannons), picture entitled, "Iowa State Normal School Cedar Falls, Iowa"; back of plate stamped, "Made In Germany".
8 1980.6.2 Mug, commemorative Heavy white ceramic stein; large handle; 1/8" gold leaf trim on top edge, 1/4" gold leaf trim on bottom edge, gold leaf trim on center handle; purple and gold SCI logo on face of mug stamped, "State College of Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1876"; rear of mug hand painted, "Aylor, George"; base engraved, "Made in USA". Color: WH
9 1980.6.4 Mug, commemorative UNI and Maucker Student Union; coffee mug type; white milk glass handle; knurled base; front purple painted logo "UNI, University of Northern Iowa"; rear purple painted logo, "---, Maucker Union"; base embossed, "ANCHOR HOCKING, Fire King OVEN PROOF 35 MADE IN USA". Color: WH
10 1987.7.10 Pin "Something Old-Something News-SCI to UNI"; Has purple ribbon & football below. Color: PR
11 1989.43.568 Shell Has "Iowa State Normal School" engraved in it.
12 1996.22.1 Toy, stuffed Kangaroo with baby in its pouch. Mother is purple with gold on inside of ears, chest, stomach and bottom of her tail. She also has a yellow bow tied around her neck. The joey in her pouch is also purple, but has yellow ears. "I.S.T.C." is on the mother kangaroo's pouch. ISTC. Color: PR,GD,YL,BK,WH
13 2000.9.3 Toy, stuffed animal Stuffed felt dog, mottled tan, with very long ears. ISTC letters stitched to left ear. Thin purple ribbon tied around neck. Color: TN, PR
14 2014.2.3 Sugar and creamer Sugar and creamer set. a. Sugar bowl. b. Creamer Custard glass, beaded top rim with gold flash. Each piece has 3 patterned feet. Lettering Iowa State Normal School and image of campus buildings. Sides opposite the campus buildings have wheat designs. Color: GR, GD
15 2023-FIC-34 Poster Large gold poster depicting the campanile. Poster reads "Iowa State Teachers College" in large block letters. Below the campanile the poster reads "50 Years" in large block letters.