Seerley Hall Case E

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1 1972.30.4 Key Baker Hall key. #5. ISNS. Color: BK 1972.30.4 (Key) image
2 1976.55.1.4 Mortarboard Doctoral mortarboard, black wool with gold tassel.
3 1978.32.2 Pin Graduation pin and document. a. UNI 75th Anniversary of Graduation pin presented to Stella Robinson Wynegar, class of 1899. Circular 12 carat gold pin, set with 20 small white pearls surrounding the "University of Northern Iowa" emblem. Gold chain connects pin to diamond-shaped gold "U.N.I." guard. Back of guard stamped, "Lindor, 12k GF." b. Paper presentation document. Color: CR,BK,PR,GD
4 1979.22 Badge Bus driver badge. ISTC; silver plated metal stamped, "Driver, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls". A bus is pictured at the center--stamped in relief; straight hinged pin and swivel clasp on back; patent number stamped on back pin strap, "Pat. 2066969"; badge dates to 1945.
5 1982.20.1 T-shirt Baseball style, black sleeves, white front and back, black printing on front, "UNI HOMECOMING, 82, CAN I BE YOUR, famous first?" Size, small 34 - 36.
6 1985.14.1 Transcript ISTC; for Claude R. Wynegar, Fall, 1920 - Summer, 1925 in cloth folder. a.Transcript. b. Cover.
7 1991.31.1 Button, homecoming UNI Homecoming button, "Panthermonium". Football shape with head of the panther on it. Color: ML
8 1996.22.2 Beanie Beanies were used for freshman hazing from 1923 through the late 1950s. This was a tradition from many other colleges across the United States but was adopted by Iowa State Teachers College in 1923 after 2 years of debate by the student government. Starting in 1924, all incoming freshman males had to purchase and wear green beanies, and all freshman women had to wear green arm-bands. These beanies and arm-bands had the letters of their major and I.S.T.C. on them. They could be customized for the individual wearer, this specifically came into effect in 1945 when women began to wear the beanies. The beanies were to be worn from the day they were received, typically at registration, until a specified date that year. In most cases, they were worn until "Dad's Day" or Homecoming when the freshman had to challenge the sophomores for the right to remove their beanies or be forced to wear them through the end of the semester. Repercussions of men not wearing the beanie were severe, if a freshman was seen by an upperclassmen not wearing their beanie, they would be subject to paddling, blanket tossing, head shaving, or horse whipping. Women faced less severe punishments and were subject to ice buckets, general humiliation, and only on occasion paddling. The colors and types of beanies changed over the years, they started as green, in 1929 they became purple and women adopted the beanies, in 1931 they added green bills to the purple hats at the same time that they changed from arm-bands for the women to pins. In 1941, there was not enough fabric to make the beanies so there were a few years in which they were not used. When they returned in 1945, it was decided that they would only be worn by women. Each year, when it had been determined that the freshman could remove their beanies, they burned them or destroyed them in some other way after the annual de-capping ceremony. This purple and gold style was adopted by women in 1929 and was used in years to come as can be seen in the October 1955 issue of the College Eye (School Newspaper). Composed of six triangular sections of alternating purple and gold. A 1/2" border of gold runs along the bottom. ISTC is printed in purple letters on one of the gold sections. Center top button is purple. Tag on the inside indicates size 6 3/4. Color: PR,GD 1996.22.2 (Beanie) image
9 1997.8.3 Bulletin Supplement, State Normal Bulletin, vol. III. No. I. Baccalaureate Address. Homer H. Seerley, President, Iowa State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Sunday, June 8, 1902. "The Great Expectations." 13 pp. ISNS. Color: WH,BK
10 1998.26.1 Pin, homecoming Square plastic cover with white background "Homecoming '98 Panther Reign" is printed around a purple panther with a gold nose. The panther is holding a staff in its left arm with a Northern Iowa logo. The panther has its right arm on top of the dome. The panther is wearing a red and gold garment and has a gold crown. Color: WH,PR,YL,ML
11 1998.5.8 Pin, homecoming Rectangular. Background is blue. A red cactus is in the foreground. The top of the cactus looks like UNI's Campanile. At the bottom of the the cactus written in white is "'93". The bottom of the pin has three red tumbleweeds. The left top corner has a yellow half moon and 5 yellow stars. Written in white cursive is "campaniling". The "g" dips down to lasso the red cactus. The back of the pin is made of white cardboard and has a horizontal pin fastener of metal. Color: BL,RD,WH,YL
12 2000.9.4 Diploma Elementary education diploma of Charleen Lois Shaffer, with decorative cover. Diploma is signed by Malcom price, President of the College, Henry C. Shull, Pres. State Board of Educ., and David A. Dancer, Secretary, State Board of Educ. Cover is of purple felt with gold lettering "Iowa State Teachers College". Gold ribbons secure diploma. Color: PR,WH,BK,GD
13 2006.7.1 Ticket Small ticket with rounded edges. Light grey font says "'Silver Bells' Formal. The Commons Ballroom. Rod AaBerg and His Orchestra. December 13, 1958. 8:00 p.m. $2.50 couple." Has the number 270 in black in the top right corner. Plastic green and silver leaves with plastic red seeds are tied to a bell and the card with a white ribbon. 2006.7.1 (Ticket) image
14 2010.10.2 Button Homecoming button, Iowa State Teachers College, Yellow button with purple type, yellow and purple ribbon attached Color: YL, PR
15 2011.3.1 Crate, shipping Laundry Mailer. Aluminum laundry Parcel Post box with two parts - a lid fitting over a bottom box. Secured with a cotton strap with metal ends. Mailing label window with paper address label. One side of label has home address, other side has school address. "Miss Judy R. Marshall 1207 West Nevada St., Urbana, Illinois" on label. a. lid b. bottom c. strap Color: GY, BR
16 2015-2-1 Key Baker Hall key.
17 2023-FIC-36 Bracelet Purple bracelet with "Once Upon a Time/Homecoming 2015" in white lettering across the front. In the middle of the bracelet front is a white circle with "CAB" written in white in the middle. In the surrounding white ring "Campus Activities Board" and "UNI" are written in purple.