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1 1970.36.22 Cape Woman's. Beaded. Ribbon closure and bead fringe. Color: BK 1970.36.22 (Cape) image
2 1972.30.9 Handkerchief Lace is attached to reverse scallops. At each corner there are large and small ovals. In the middle of each side of lace is a wide heart & 3 ovals arranged like petals of a flower. Color: WH
3 1977.67.10 Collar White machine embroidery with scalloped edge. Border of small daisy flowers and leaves worked in chain stitch. Neck edge bound with bias tape. Color: CR 1977.67.10 (Collar) image
4 1992.22.37 Bolero Black lace embroidery. Floral and foliage pattern. Scalloped hem. Intricate detail. Color: BK
5 2021-FIC-20 Picnic Blanket Blanket is red and white plaid with four sewn portraits of two men and two women in late 1800s-early 1900s dress on each corner of blanket in sewn frame. 
6 UNIM1986. Blouse Semi-fitted sheath; darts released at waist. Dropped shoulder gives front yoke effect. 3 yellow buttons, 5/8". Tab front with vertical machine stitched buttonholes. Shirt-tail hem. Short set-in sleeves with 1" hem. Partial roll collar. Several rows of topstitiching on collar; front closure and sleeve hems. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YL
7 UNIM1986. Blouse Dusty rose, semi-fitted. 2 darts in front and back waist. 3-button closure, with 3/4" vertical buttonholes on both sides of front for link-type buttons. Net interfacing. Narrow convertible collar. Kimono sleeves; short with roll-back duffs. 3//4" hem, machine blind-hemmed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK
8 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.15 Belt A. Violet crepe sash 5" W x 105" L. B. Blue tie belt 2" x 67" with 1/4 hem down both sides, sewn straight across both ends. C. Black nylon belt 1" W x 36" covered buckle same fabric 2.5 W x 3" L. D. Purple taffeta belt dias cut with black plastic buckle 2.5" round dia. Belt 1 3/4" W x 35". E. Sheer fabric with multicolor print design, 1 1/4" W x 34 3/4" L. Covered buckle same fabric 1 1/8" W x 1 5/8" H. F. Pink crepe fabric back with vinyl coated paper, 1 1/4" W x 34", 2" round dia. Buckle covered with same fabric. G. Grosgrain ribbon tie trim 1.5" W x 22" L, sewn together at end and half bow sewn on top. Color: PR;BL;BK;WH;PK;
9 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.27 Shawl/Scarf Stripes woven into fabric running lengthwise. Tubular ends sewn together. Sixteen groups of fringe on each end. No stains or holes, few pulled threads and faded yellow with age. Can be for either man or woman. Color: Off-WH
10 UNIM1986.14.1980.15.23 Handkerchief Bobbin lace border. Sketch on catalog sheet.
11 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.102 Belt Salmon colored tie belt with white pin dots. 82" long x 1" wide. Tie belt, double thickness. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK, WH
12 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.97 Sock Pair of red socks (a & b). Knit fabric construction. Foot 9" long. Tighter band 3 1/4" high above ankle for fit. No trim. Light weight anklets. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
13 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.41 Cape Net ground with floral border design and scallped edge. 1 1/2'' hem across top, gathered. Two black snaps to secure. Color: BK
14 UNIM1986.14.1983.3.16 Lace Fragment Machine lace edging with beading along inside edge. Small scalloped outside edge. Cream color. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR UNIM1986.14.1983.3.16 (Lace Fragment) image
15 UNIM1986.14.1983.3.7 Collar Ecru colored detachable collar. Self fabric tape finished at neck. 3/8" hem on outer edge. Peter Pan style. Trimmed just above hem in light brown, pink, brown, pink, turquoise and light brown wool yarn. Saddle stitching, also a row of lavender (7 rows with stitches very close together all total). Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW UNIM1986.14.1983.3.7 (Collar) image
16 UNIM1986.14.1983.3.8 Collar White detachable linen collar. Peter Pan style collar is very small. Floral eyelet embroidery; small scalloped edge finished with buttonhole stitch. Made with double linen fabric. Hemming tape at neck edge. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1986.14.1983.3.8 (Collar) image
17 UNIM1986.14.1983.3.9 Collar Ecru cotton detachable collar. Scalloped edge bottom with picots. Picots at neck edge; crocheted in block stitch fashion. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW UNIM1986.14.1983.3.9 (Collar) image
18 UNIM1986.14.1984.4.2 Suit Three-piece, a. b. and c. Color: GY,PK
19 UNIM1986.14.1984.4.32 Suit Three-piece size 10 women's suit. a. White long-sleeved jacket with black floral print. Fabric is polyester satin. Mandarin collar. Buttons up center with five round fabric-covered buttons and a snap closure. Sleeves are cuffed and fasten together with a single fabric-covered button. Two interior tags. The one located directly on the collar reads, "BERGDORF/ GOODMAN / ON THE PLAZA / NEW YORK" in lavender stitching on cream fabric. The other label, located directly below the collar, reads, "Truly Social / by DYNASTY / MADE IN HONG KONG / 10". "Truly Social" and "MADE IN HONG KONG" are stitched in sparkly gold thread. "by DYNASTY" is stitched in gray thread. The label itself is a very pale gold. b. Black satin pants. c. Black satin belt with black vinyl backing. Buckle is rectangular and covered in black satin.
20 UNIM1986.14.1985.4.5 Dress Blouse is shirt style. convertible collar; dropped shoulder with front gathers at yoke line and waist darts. Sleeves about 1/2 or elbow length; could be roll-ups. Fabric is green with orange and pink circular geometric pattern. Skirt dark green twill, slightly A-line. Elastic in waistband; center front and center back seams with top stitching. Back has horizontal dart at waist to shorten. 1/2' wide green "leather" belt. Sketch on catalog sheet.
21 UNIM1986.14.1985.4.7 Ensemble Skirt (b) and blouse (a). Bodice is pink, lavender & yellow flowers on white. Dropped shoulder front, yoke in back. 2 back darts. Convertible collar; 4 button closure. Sleeveless. Lavender skirt is slightly A-line; seam at center front has top stitching. Shaped in-seam pockets. Center back zipper; waistband. 5 belt loops at skirt waistband. Top stitching; lavender plastic belt (c) has white braid edging. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH,PK,LV,YL
22 UNIM1988.11.194 Hat Hooded scarf style winter hat. Flat, triangular shaped piece with "point" at front finished (hemmed) with button decoration 1/2" wide elasticized band to go under hair in back. Band across front has ten covered buttons for decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK UNIM1988.11.194 (Hat) image
23 UNIM1990.6.24 Brassiere leather boning down each side of bra-cup; two pleated rows run horizontally across top edge; string same fabric ties around neck; fastens in center back with 3 hooks-n-eyes (adjustable) and 1 3/4'' by 2 3/4'' elastic Color: WH
24 UNIM1990.8.1 Blouse Women's shirt-style blouse with full roll collar and long fitted sleeves with 2-button duffs. 6-button closure at center front. 1" hem. Paisley and abstract flower design. Color: GD,BK
25 UNIM1991.6.1 Pants Women's size 16 pants. Fabric is orange, white, and black plaid. Pants flare out near the ankle. Fastens up front with black metal zipper and two brown buttons. Belt loops at waist. Interior tag at waistband reads, "Sears PERMA-PREST SIZE 16 / NO IRONING IF TUMBLE DRIED / AND REMOVED IMMEDIATELY / MACHINE WASH - WARM / DO NOT BLEACH / SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND CO., USA" in blue text on white fabric.
26 UNIM1993.14.34 Jacket Sport coat, size 14. Fabric is white and blue vertical stripes. Notched collar, padded shoulders to create a boxy shape. Sleeves are long with three white buttons near wrist. Buttons have "Country Suburbans" stamped on them. Jacket fastens up center with three bigger versions of the buttons on the sleeves. Pockets at hips. Hem and collar are lined with braided white cord. Interior label reads "Country Suburbans / 14" in brown print on white fabric. A care label located underneath the brand label reads, "Machine Wash / Warm Delicate / Tumble Dry Delicate / No Chlorine Bleach / Dark Colors Separate / Steam Press Low / 2 / We recommend washing in Woolite".
27 UNIM1994.13.21 Hat traingle shaped raincap with 2 open box pleats at back of neck, folds out to cover forhead, ties under chin, seams covered with self netting binding Color: RD CL
28 UNIM1994.14.196 Blanket Infant Bedding blanket, white with pink, blue, and green floral print, wider stripe has blue pink and green floral design, the narrow strip has small blue flowers only, rounded corners, every other wide stripe revereses in direction (no top or bottom to blanket) Color: WH PK BL GR
29 UNIM1996.5.2 Dress Wine colored, satin moire dress (2-piece), muslin hoop skirt.  Student reproduction of an 1857 Afternoon Dress.
30 UNIM1996.6.9 Shirt Casual, unifitted, front closure w/4shank 1/2" dia. Buttons & 3/8" button at neck w/loop button hole. Two patch pockets w/shank buttons on each side on front chest. Shank buttons on cuff, regular one button barrel cuff. Both cuffs have buttons broken off. Flat felt seams except on back yoke. 1/2" hem. Color: BL;Dk.BL;WH
31 UNIM1996.8.1 Culottes Woman's culottes. Fabric is blue, green, and purple paisley print. Panels are sewn on at hip area to create pockets. Zips up side with blue metal zipper. Culottes are very flared; create the illusion of an A-line skirt when legs are together.
32 UNIM2003.19.8 Garters a. Pale yellow elastic with orange, green, and blue stripes woven in. Silver hook attaches at section of tan fabric. Silver buckle for adjusting. b. Identical to a. c. Early 20th century Paris Garters box for men. Design on front features a man in a tank top and shorts sliding a garter over his leg. Underneath are the words, "PARIS GARTERS / NO METAL CAN TOUCH YOU". The design is printed in blue with white backing. "272" and "PALM BEACH" are stamped on one side. a-c.
33 UNIM2011.7.7 Fabric River scene with birds, boats and trees. Color: WH, TN