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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.36.65 Coat Men's military parade coat; heavy navy blue wool material; large collar; braided heavy black cord & knob fasteners on front; flap side pockets; decorative dark green cuff braid; black satin quilted lining. Color: BL,BK 1970.36.65 (Coat) image
2 1972.66.0001 Gown, academic Ph. D. Three blue velvet strips on each sleeve. Blue velvet trim down both the right and left fronts and around the neck. The initials MJN are sewn in gold on the back lining. Color: BK,BL
3 1972.66.0002 Hood, academic Ph. D. Red lining (University of Wisconsin). Black fastening ribbon is attached to the top. Color: BK,RD
4 1974.1.1 Coat Coat and vest. a. Man's very fine all wool worsted black dress coat. Notched collar, lined flaps on both pockets. Lined throughout with fine sateen black cotton, lining quilted on sides under and over arms. Three satin buttons down front Slit on back of coat is 14" long and has two buttons on either side at the top of the slit. b. Man's vest, same fine black wool as coat on front of vest. Back of vest grayish-brown cotton twill. Color: BK,GY-BR 1974.1.1 (Coat) image
5 1975.43.6 Belt U. S. Army black cotton web, with brass buckle and tab. 1975.43.6 (Belt) image
6 1975.43.7 Belt U. S. Army black cotton web, with nickel-plated buckle and tab. 1975.43.7 (Belt) image
7 1976.65.0002 Gown, academic Academic regalia. a. Mortarboard with gold cord and tassel. b. Robe, doctorate degree. c. Hood, doctorate, lined with gold cloth. Color: BK,GD
8 1992.22.0057 Tuxedo Three pieces. a. coat, b. vest, and c. pants. a. Coat has one button and three pockets in the front with two buttons on each sleeve. Inside of the coat is lined with velvet. Sleeves are lined with tan satin. b. the Vest has four buttons and a collar. It is also black in color. c. The pants are black and polyester with a velvet stripe down the side of each leg. Color: BK
9 1994.28.0002 Coat Full-length sheepskin coat with fleece on the inside and leather turned back and tacked exposing the fleece at cuffs, hem & down front opening. Black embroidery of geometrical designs with floral motifs decorate cuffs, hem, pockets, front opening, at midwaist & center of back panel. Color: TN,CR 1994.28.0002 (Coat) image
10 1995.14.0001 Jacket, military U. S. Army dress jacket; brass buttons with eagle on shoulders, U. S. buttons on lapel, gold and red Coast Guard Artillery insignia on lapels, brass buttons with eagle on breast pcket, 3 brass buttons with eagle to button up jacket, 1 brown, plain button, 2 brass buttons with eagle on bottom pockets, light green stripes around both wrists, brown polyester lining with tear in it near the bottom right side, belt around waist with brass fastener. Color: GR,BR,GD 1995.14.0001 (Jacket, military) image
11 1996.18.0001 Dress Navy blue velvet dress with gold embroidered designs on the end of the sleeves, bottom of the dress and around the neck line. Color: BL,GD,PR
12 2000.15.0006 Cloak Men's hooded long-sleeved pull-over cloak. Neck closure emboidered decorative rayon with knot and loop closures. Short slits on each side along bottom cuff. Hood is large, terminating in pronounced point. Color: BK
13 2000.15.0007 Shirt Men's full length long-sleeved pull-over shirt. Zipper neck closure. Stand up collar. Collar and zipper decorated with embroidered rayon. Three short slits along bottom cuff. The slits are closed at their posterior termination. Right and left breast pockets. Color: WH
14 2007.0007 Ticket ticket to a formal ball on campus. "Silver Bells Formal. The Commons Ballroom. Rod AaBerg and His Orchestra. Dec. 13, 1958. 8:00 pm. $2.50 couple". Card w/silver writing. Back is blank. Hole in upper corner w/ a white ribbon inserted and tied in a bow. Plastic holly and small bell attached w/ribbon. Holly has three red berries w/green leaves. 3 silver paper leaves attached. Color: WH, GR, RD, GY
15 2009.8.0001 Gown, academic a. gown, b. hood c. cap a. 1 academic gown, black polyester with black velvet that goes around the neckline and extends (in a band down middle pieces) to the bottom front of garment, as well as 3 stripes of velvet (black) along arms and black pleated shoulders, very full sleeves, a button in front on right can be attached to black chord for securing the front as well as a button, in the back of garment for attaching the sash/cape b. 1 academic hood, part of cap and gown outfit, black polyester lined with blue velvet fabric forming a neckline and extending around any edges of the hood, underside of black and blue is a bright yellow polyester, the black and especially blue have been sewn into the yellow, appears hand donw with everything else most likely being machine sewn, one button on front for securing front piece to chord of gown holding everything into place and a button or chord in back for securing cape around body, 4 ft in lenth with 5 " of velvet c. 1 academic cap, black polyester with 2 metallic threaded heads or button tops with a grouping of metallic (gold) chords or strings as the tassel of a larger thread head, tassel is permanetly attached to left front side of cap, flap underneath to secure hat on top of head, 51/2" in length, 7 1/4" in width, the cap is so called a Folding Crown Morterboard Cap, 4 sided with gold metallic tassel in style 94300 (on E.R. Moore's website) Color: Black