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1 2017-28-8 Bag Black tie bag with "2011-2012 UNI STAT" printed on the front, below a zippered pouch. There is black mesh on either side.
2 2021-2-35 Shirt Orange Tee shirt with PLS Cyborg Panthers in black with a minimalist black panther face to left of text. Back says iSTEM in black text. Size is a medium. 
3 2022-1-2A Cheer Shell Full purple UNI Cheer Shell shirt from 2010.  2022-1-2A (Cheer Shell) image
4 2022-1-2B Skirt Full purple UNI Cheer skirt from 2010.  2022-1-2B (Skirt) image
5 2022-1-3A Cheer Shell Cropped white and purple UNI Cheer shell shirt. PANTHERS is written across in bold gold font.  2022-1-3A (Cheer Shell) image
6 2022-1-3B Skirt Cropped white and purple UNI Cheer skirt. PANTHERS is written across in bold gold font. From 2005. 2022-1-3B (Skirt) image
7 2022-1-4A Cheer Shell Crop purple UNI Cheer shell shirt.  2022-1-4A (Cheer Shell) image
8 2022-1-4B Skirt Crop purple UNI Cheer skirt from 2007. 2022-1-4B (Skirt) image
9 2022-1-5A Cheer Shell Cheer Shell used in 2003. UNI Logo across the front with thin straps over the shoulder. Simple white and purple back.  2022-1-5A (Cheer Shell) image
10 2022-1-6A Cheer Shell White UNI Cheer Shell from 2012. The UNI Panther logo is present in the middle of the shirt and there is a border of purple and gold along the neckline and side seams.  2022-1-6A (Cheer Shell) image
11 2022-1-6B Skirt White UNI Cheer Skirt from 2012. It is completely white with gold and purple and white lines down the side seams. One small slit is in the front of the skirt.  2022-1-6B (Skirt) image
12 2022-23-2 Shirt Black Student Union 50 year anniversary T-Shirt.  The front of the shirt includes the following writing, "Celebrating 50 years of BSU."  The word "50" is yellow in color.  The acronym "BCU" is three different colors and is as follows: B - Red, S - Green, U - Yellow.  The logo of the black student union can be found on the back, along with the University of Northern Iowa logo.  The black student union originally formed in October 1972 making 2022 the 50th anniversary.  The union was formed in order to make campus a more welcoming and inclusive space for students of color.   2022-23-2 (Shirt) image
13 2022-25-1 Handkerchief NU High 2001 State Basketball Handkerchief.  Northern University High School was a small high school run by the University of Northern Iowa.  The school was closed in 2012 due to budget cuts.  The colors of the school were black and orange which can be seen in the object.  The handkerchief itself is orange in color with black print in the middle of the square.  The black print depicts a panther - the high school's mascot.  The panther is holding a basketball that states, "01."  Above and below the panther is the following writing, "NU HIGH, State Basketball."  In 2001, the Northern University basketball team competed in the Class 2A Boy's Basketball Tournament.  The team lost in the first round to the Cascade Cougars 51 to 52.   2022-25-1 (Handkerchief) image
14 2022-25-2 T-Shirt NU High Basketball T-Shirt Signed by Class of 2006.  Northern University High School was a small high school run by the University of Northern Iowa.  The school was closed in 2012 due to budget cuts.  The colors of the school were black and orange with panthers being their mascot.  All of these elements can be found on the shirt with orange/black lettering and a large panther in the middle.  According to the NU High School Yearbook, one student spoke about their basketball experience and stated, "It was a very successful season.  For the second straight year we went undefeated in the conference."  The class of 2006 itself consisted of thirty-five students whose signatures can be found amongst different parts of the T-Shirt.   2022-25-2 (T-Shirt) image
15 2023-15-38 Bag Purple fabric reusable bag with "UNI Alumni Association University of Northern Iowa" centered vertically in bold white text, with "Alumni" written in a cursive white font. The bag has black straps, along with black sides. Includes an open pocket on the front of the bag.  2023-15-38 (Bag) image
16 2023-15-41 Bag Grey cotton bag with "Inspire Change" centered on the front in white text. The "i" in "Inspire" is made to look like a dandelion with seeds that appear as though they are about to fly away. Below the "Inspire Change" is "UNI / University of Northern Iowa College of Social & Behavioral Sciences" in bold white text 2023-15-41 (Bag) image
17 2023-22-1 Jacket Homemade purple velour jacket with shoulder pads. Lining is white. Chest measures 59 cm in width. Shoulders are 51 cm wide (outer shoulder tip to outer shoulder tip). Sleeve length 89 cm (from the inside back center seam to the shoulder, then down the arm the length of the sleeve). Back length is 82 cm (height of the back seam). Jacket has 10 cm-wide lapels  at widest width, 2 purple buttons on the front, 2 pockets (18x20 cm) on the front, and 3 small buttons on the cuff of each sleeve. Left breast pocket is 12x13 cm. Right inner breast pocket is 12x15 cm. Coattails are 30 cm long. 2023-22-1 (Jacket) image
18 2023-23 Handkerchief White square handkerchief with white lines forming a border around the edges. Center is a football player running toward the viewer. Number 27 jersey, carrying football in left hand, and dust is being kicked up by his right foot, all in black. Above the football player to the left is orange text "NUHS." To the right is " '95." Together, they arc over the football player. Below the football player is the orange text "FOOTBALL." Creases in the fabric and a small brown mark in the right quadrant. No markings on the back. 2023-23 (Handkerchief) image