Silicates (Nesosilicates)

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Garnet group Color: YL
2 Almandine (Garnet group) Crystals in nephelite - syenite matrix. Color: RD BR
3 Kyanite Crystal aggregate. Color: BL
4 Staurolite Twinned crystal. Color: BR
5 Chondrodite None
6 Kyanite Crystal blades in quartz. Color: BL,TN
7 Chondrodite None
8 Staurolite None
9 Titanite None
10 Willemite None
11 Topaz None
12 Andalusite Section of crystal, one end polished; var. Chiastolite. Color: TN
13 Forsterite None
14 Chondrodite None
15 Kyanite Crystal pieces. Color: BL
16 Forsterite Olivine.
17 Almandine (Garnet group) Large crystal cluster, with quartz and feldspar matrix. Color: BR
18 Forsterite Emerald or chrysolite.
19 Willemite Willemite, franklinite and zincite.
20 Garnet group None
21 Garnet group None
22 Almandine (Garnet group) Three 3/4" crystals in schist. Color: RD-BR
23 Almandine (Garnet group) Almost a crystal conglomerate. Color: RD-BR
24 Garnet group Var. almaridite.
25 Zircon None
26 Garnet group None
27 Kyanite Two specimens. a. Cleavage fragment. b. Aggregate of crystals. Color: BL
28 Titanite None
29 Staurolite Twinned crystals. Color: BR
30 Zircon Embedded in rock.
31 Zircon None
32 Almandine (Garnet group) Two dark 1/2" crystals in schist with scattered smaller crystals. Color: RD-BR
33 Almandine (Garnet group) Single crystal 2" x 2"; micaceous coating. Color: BR
34 Garnet group Var. melanite. Color: GD, GY, WH Garnet group image
35 Garnet group None
36 Garnet group None
37 Zircon None
38 1967.004 Olivine None
39 1970.47.1.0040 Almandine (Garnet group) Massive chunk. Color: RD BR
40 1970.74.0037M Garnet group Dendritic.
41 1970.74.0038M Garnet group Almondine.
42 1970.74.0039M Garnet group Arizona garnet.
43 1970.74.0056M Staurolite Twinned crystal. Color: TN
44 1970.74.0158M Garnet group Rich in mica.
45 1970.74.0204M Garnet group None
46 1970.74.0244M Garnet group None
47 1970.74.0247M Andalusite Var. chistolite; crystal section. Color: TN
48 1970.74.0257M Andradite (garnet group) Var. demantoid. Color: GR
49 1970.74.0311M Garnet group Rough.
50 1970.74.0315M Andradite (garnet group) One-quarter" crystals scattered on schist. Color: RD BR