2008 Golf

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1 2015-10-32 Plaque Northern Iowa University High School plaque from 2008 for Class 1A State Golf Champions. Sponsor's logos displayed in the top corners and printed in black. Photo of the team at the top with their names printed in black at the bottom. Plaque made by Sports Plaques. 2015-10-32 (Plaque) image
2 2015-10-46 Photograph Photograph with seven pictures of the NU Golf team on it holding a banner and trophy for the 2008 Class 1A State Champions on the Spring Valley Golf Course. Photograph printed by Kodak. 2015-10-46 (Photograph) image
3 2015-10-56 Trophy Trophy with a gold statue of a golfer swinging his club back next to a larger wooden cut out of Iowa displaying the award with the year in gold lettering and other information on a gold plaque with black lettering. Award also printed in gold lettering along the bottom of the trophy.  2015-10-56 (Trophy) image
4 2015-10-71 Flag Orange gold flag with the NU Panthers emblem in the middle of a golf ball with two clubs crossing over each other behind it. Letters printed in black and white while award, event, and year is printed in black. White band along the left side with three metal holes connecting it to the orange piece. Flag made by Standard Golf Company.  2015-10-71 (Flag) image