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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2019-3 Game Mancala. African counting game.  ED2019-3 (Game) image
2 ED2019-4 Game Mancala. African counting game.  ED2019-4 (Game) image
3 ED2019-5 Game Mancala- African stone counting game.  ED2019-5 (Game) image
4 ED2019-5 Mancala - African Stone Game III None
5 ED2019-6 Woven Basket None
6 ED2019-7 Rattle Cylinder, covered with animal skin. Filled with seeds so that it rattles when shaken.  ED2019-7 (Rattle) image
7 ED2019-8 Mbira Also referred to as a kalimba. Made of a gourd cut in half, covered with a wood soundboard with a sound hole cut in the center. 7 keys attached on top, meant to be played with thumbs. An animal skin string is threaded through the bottom edge for hanging.  ED2019-8 (Mbira) image
8 ED2019-9 Prayer Drum None