African Project: Art

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.3 Sculpture Plaque. Bronze Beni; 6 human figures. 1968.10.3 (Sculpture) image
2 1968.10.70 Pot Copper pot and lid with immense copper rot. A. Pot with diagonal grid with raised snakes on sides, and three thin legs. B. Lid has raised figures of reptiles and possibly a bird. 1968.10.70 (Pot) image
3 1968.9.12.2 Fan Black handle with natural color woven straw fan. Fan has embroidered peacock in green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, red and brown. 1968.9.12.2 (Fan) image
4 1969.15.0002 Carving Yoruba Ibeji dolls. Laterally compressed to acute ridge from top of forehead to back of neck; prominent facial features, 3 vertical gashes on each cheek; female with very prominent breasts. Posture of both leaning slightly forward. Colored with brown to reddish-brown chalky paint, shiny in various places. a. Male. b. Female. 1969.15.0002 (Carving) image
5 1973.58.0001 Figurine Camel. Stitched shut with yellow thread. Eyes painted on and small ears sewed on. Stands on all four feet with head slightly turned. On far back of camel held on by a small metal dowel is a woman's head with painted facial features. Head is clad in white head scarf with yellow see-through veil covering mouth and cheeks. Camel has blue and white twisted yarn harness. 1973.58.0001 (Figurine) image
6 1974.23.0047 Statue Carved; warrior. Figure standing erect holding in one hand an oar-shaped object (probably a spear) and in other hand a animal skin object (probably a shield).Silver bands around neck. Mounted on small round wood platform. 1974.23.0047 (Statue) image
7 1979.10.0019 Figurine Mold-made figurine of a women with detailed hairstyle, African facial features, bare-chested, and a calf-length skirt. The women's hands are resting on the front of the hips. 1979.10.0019 (Figurine) image
8 1990.21.140 Painting Of religious instructor and his students. 1990.21.140 (Painting) image
9 1990.21.23 Figure Ceramic frog with a indented mouth, etched nostrils and protruding circular eyes. 1990.21.23 (Figure) image
10 1990.21.24 Figure Man with a beard, protuberant nose and ears, in a sitting position. Left elbow rests in the right hand. The beard sticks straight out from the face. The legs stick straight out from underneath the body. 1990.21.24 (Figure) image
11 1990.21.25 Figure Bearded man in a sitting position. The beard extends over the left arm. Right elbow rests in the left hand. Circular protruding eyes and circular indentations around the edges of the face. 1990.21.25 (Figure) image
12 1990.21.26 Figure Bearded man in a sitting position. Facial features include a protuberant nose, elongated beard, thin etched eyebrows, and indented eyes. Right elbow rests on left hand. 1990.21.26 (Figure) image
13 1990.21.27 Figure Bearded male in sitting position. Protuberant nose has been broken and repaired. Right elbow rests on left hand. The left arm has been broken and repaired. 1990.21.27 (Figure) image
14 1990.21.28 Figure Bearded man in a sitting position. The beard extends over the left arm. Right elbow rests in the left hand. Circular protruding eyes and circular indentations around the edges of the face. 1990.21.28 (Figure) image
15 1995.38.0001 Sculpture Tall, narrow; carved from one piece of wood. 11 small children grasping an adult. All have similar body features. Adult is largest figure. Children are wearing a garment wrap around the lower half of their bodies. 1995.38.0001 (Sculpture) image
16 2009.2.0027 Carving Human bust with a smooth base. Long neck, large facial features, short hair with a receding hairline. Possibly made from ironwood or African blackwood. 2009.2.0027 (Carving) image
17 2009.2.0047 Carving Human bust with long neck and a protruding chin. Large facial features. Might be wearing a hat or could be hairstyle - etched diagonal lines and flat on top of head. Might be made from ironwood or African blackwood. 2009.2.0047 (Carving) image
18 2009.2.0048 Carving Two carved human heads, one on top of the other. Bottom head has shoulders and prominent facial features. There is some sort of head covering with a large opening in it. On top of bottom head there is another head carved from the chin up. Behind head is a large opening. Various lines etched on piece, from straight lines to checkerboard designs. Base has checkerboard design too. Made from ironwood or African blackwood. 2009.2.0048 (Carving) image
19 2009.2.29 Figurine Small bronze sculpture of two men sitting across from each other working on something together.One man is holding a hammer in one hand and tongs in the other. Second man is holding a long rod or stick which is resting on a platform between the two men. Could be metal smiths. 2009.2.29 (Figurine) image
20 2009.2.49 Figurine Small bronze figurine of single man sitting on a stool with hands on two round pieces. One round piece is somewhat flattened. Attached to each round piece are pipes that join together to make a point with a horse shoe shape at the end. 2009.2.49 (Figurine) image
21 2009.2.50 Figurine Small bronze sculpture of a man bent over a large bowl of pit. The man has both of his hands partially within the bowl. Bowl has coil design. It appears as if the bowl has something in it. 2009.2.50 (Figurine) image
22 2009.2.51 Figurine Seated man with legs crossed. He has a knife or sword in his right hand and what appears to be a hoe in the other. Items lay on the ground in front of him - possibly hoe heads. Beside him on the ground lays a spear. 2009.2.51 (Figurine) image
23 2009.2.52 Figurine Bearded, robed, man on ground leaning on left arm. There is a tool, possibly an ax or pick, in his left hand. In front of the man on the ground is what appears to be the head of a hoe. 2009.2.52 (Figurine) image
24 2009.2.53 Figurine Man sitting on ground with crossed legs. He appears to be hammering something he is holding in his left hand (a long strip resting on an anvil). There are other strips on the ground. 2009.2.53 (Figurine) image
25 2009.2.54 Figurine Small bronze figurine of a bearded man in a standing position, hunched over, wearing a robe. Holding a hoe head in left hand and some sort of ax in the right hand, slung over shoulder. 2009.2.54 (Figurine) image
26 2009.2.55 Figurine Bronze figurine of a man sitting on a stool with one leg under the other. He is leaning forward holding an ax in both hands with another ax on the ground to his left. 2009.2.55 (Figurine) image
27 2009.2.56 Figurine Bronze figurine of a man standing. He wears a shirt and is holding with both hands some sort of tool (jointed with a shovel head on one end). Man is possibly bending the tool with his hands. 2009.2.56 (Figurine) image
28 2009.2.57 Gold weight Bronze figurine of a man standing, wearing a shirt. He holds a spear in his left hand, a hoe head in his right. 2009.2.57 (Gold weight) image
29 L1968.10.0002JK Carving Wooden carving of the profile view of a man. The man is wearing a red shirt that has a yellow vertical stripe down the center and a blue collar. The man is wearing a blue hat and has a large black beard with detailed carvings of curly hair within the beard. The eye socket is outlined in black paint. L1968.10.0002JK (Carving) image