African Project: Songye

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2007.3.0003 Mask Male Songye Kifwebe mask exhibiting vertical stripes on the crest and horizontal stripes on mask curving upwards on sides. The mouth of the mask has a side hour-glass shape. The nostrils have protruding hair. There are holes carved around the entirety of the mask for attachment of beard and costume. Paint is worn- very little white and red paint remain. There is damage to the edge of the crest and mouth. Numerous scratches and scrapes on mask. The crest has a crack in the top. Painted end of crest is broken off. Stains on inside of mask. Raffia is loose. 2007.3.0003 (Mask) image
2 2007.3.0004 Mask Songye juvenile male Kifwebe mask. Horizontal stripes curving upward to encircle the eyes. Small sagittal crest. Mouth appears as an "X" shape. Eye slits curve downward. Nostrils have black hair protruding. Holes carved for raffia attachments. Stripes form a chevron pattern where they meet the crest. Paint is worn and discolored. Wood is stained and discolored. Gouges and scratches on side of mask face. Mouth is worn and wood is dented and pitted. 2007.3.0004 (Mask) image
3 2007.3.0005 Mask Songye male Kifwebe mask with no crest and a flattened face. The mouth is a wide, large "X" shape. Narrow stripes curve around mask. The eyes are rimmed in black and extends from outside corner to back of mask on both sides. Large rounded skull and forehead with stripes curving up and meeting at the top of the mask. Paint is worn and missing in areas. 2007.3.0005 (Mask) image
4 2007.3.6 Figure Songye Kifwebe Power figure. Male figure with distended abdomen. Skirt attached. Figure wearing 2 necklaces, one with blue beads and a white pendant, and the other a wooden bead choker. Figure is wearing a kifwebe mask. Holes along mask/skull line. Base of statue is attached to metal stand. Small hole in skull. Hair in nostrils. Base of figure is damaged, missing a piece, statue is worn and wood is dinged, scratched, and worn. Possible paint on mask, but very worn. Wooden choker is fragile, thread weak. Woven skirt is damaged, loose ties, torn and frayed. 2007.3.6 (Figure) image