African Project: Toys

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.111 Toy Homemade string and button made out of a dried flower. 1968.10.111 (Toy) image
2 1968.10.113 Top Whole seed with stick protruding out the top and is attached by a cord to a partial seed that is hollow. 1968.10.113 (Top) image
3 1968.10.174 Sword Curved reddish wood toy sword. The base of the handle is cracked down the center. 1968.10.174 (Sword) image
4 1968.10.175 Sword Straight light-colored wood toy machete. Burnt wood design with two thin lines down the blade and burns to imitate 3 rivets in handle. 1968.10.175 (Sword) image
5 1968.10.176 Sword Straight light-colored wood toy machete. Burnt wood design in handle to imitate 3 rivets. 1968.10.176 (Sword) image
6 1990.21.84 Biface Toy spearhead and shaft piece A is a copper spearhead and B is the wooden dowel. The dowel fits into copper cap to form spear. 1990.21.84 (Biface) image
7 2010.4.0016 Toy, push Medium sized handmade bicycle with adult seated at the front clothed in jeans, a striped shirt and a hat, behind the adult seated sideways on the back cart of the bike is a small child-like figure who is holding a bundle in one hand and the other is holding on to the bike. Child is fashioned from denim and appears to have a "ponytail" of some sort, there is a long piece of metal connected to the bike and a small handle at the other end suggesting this object was once used as a toy.
8 2010.4.0017 Toy, push Small hand-crafted bike fashioned from bits of rubber for tires, orange paper for reflectors and pedals, twine handle connecting from seat to base of handlebar, also used to show the inside tires' structure. 2010.4.0017 (Toy, push) image
9 2010.4.0019 Toy, push Small hand crafted tricycle, wheels are fashioned from metal wire that is then covered by bits of rubber. There is twine used to secure joints of bike including around the handlebars, around and inside the tires, and the base of the seat. There are no pedals and a piece of wound twine connected to tricycle from base of handlebars to the base of the seat. 2010.4.0019 (Toy, push) image