CCM History Group 1 2019

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.0236 Bowl Brown & white with black design. 00.30.0236 (Bowl) image
2 Tag, identification "Eugene Bovee" a. and b. (Tag, identification) image
3 Knife Ice and Snow knife made from ivory. The knife was used for cutting and shaping snow. Along the length of the knife are bird feather like designs on both sides with the handle designated as the head. There is yellow discoloration from use. (Knife) image
4 1971.41.48 Patch Military patch, Sergeant stripes; 3 green stripes on black field. 1971.41.48 (Patch) image
5 1983.23.2 Pottery Black with geometric design encircling the top. Background of design in matte finish. Signed "Marie & Julian" on bottom. Black finish is slightly iridescent. 1983.23.2 (Pottery) image
6 1988.24.9 Belt Covered on the outside with white, blue, red, silver and green beadwork. Color: WH,BL,RD,GR,SL 1988.24.9 (Belt) image
7 1989.43.727 Earring, Ephemera Gold elephants. Flat with "GOP" on the front. a and b. Color: GD 1989.43.727 (Earring, Ephemera) image
8 1995.14.38 Patch, military U. S. Army. Two red A's stitched into the middle of the patch, surrounded by a circle of white fabric which is bordered by blue fabric. The patch is circular with white stitching on back around entire patch. 1995.14.38 (Patch, military) image
9 2016-29-1 Register Daily register used for school vistors, student attendance, student grades, lesson plans, and class sizes.  2016-29-1 (Register) image
10 2017-27-10A Certificate Certificate of recognition to Edith Berry from the All-Agricultural Council in 1957 for her work for the Home Economics Extension Program in Ohio.     2017-27-10A (Certificate) image
11 UNIM1986.14.1982.1.0005 Blouse Unfitted sheath style blouse with long Bishop sleeves. Full roll collar with long points which button at center front with 5 pearlized buttons and button loops. Sleeves have ruffled cuffs with elastic 4" above the narrow hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN UNIM1986.14.1982.1.0005 (Blouse) image
12 UNIM1992.15.0004 Glove Wool knit women's gloves. Fingers and palm of hand are stockinette stitch; from wrist to elbow, rib stitch has increased gradually for larger circumference of arm. Cuff portion has horizontal stripes of blue and gold on brown background. Color: BR,BL,GD UNIM1992.15.0004 (Glove) image