CCM History Group 2 2019

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1 1968.10.36 Dress Sleeveless, low round-neck dress with full-pleated skirt. Made of bluish-brown batik-dyed cloth with white checkerboard pattern. Skirt hem with wide dark blue border. Same cloth as 68.10.33. Top of dress lined with "coarse-A all cotton" fabric made in India. Color: BR, WH 1968.10.36 (Dress) image
2 1970.78.10.7 Collar Wide, handwoven neckband. Top and bottom are lined with beads, seeds, and teeth. All the teeth are ocelot teeth from hunting. The more teeth on a neckband, the better hunter in the society. These are only made and worn by men. The colours alternate between green, white, and pink patterns. The top has an alternating pattern of one tooth separated by somewhere between two and five black beads. The bottom has an alternating pattern of one tooth separated by red and black seeds with two brown seed casings towards the outer edges. The collar ties in the back by string. the proper left side has three sets of strings; one on top, middle, and bottom. The proper right side has two sets of strings; top and middle. It appears to have been repaired at one point and restitched together with thread that does not match the rest of the piece along the middle where the middle ties lie. 1970.78.10.7 (Collar) image
3 1970.78.15.18 Spindle This spindle is from the Shipibo-Conibo culture in Peru. The weaving in the culture is done by women and is a large part of their culture. In the past the geometrical designs that are commonly seen in Shipibo-Conibo art were part of a codified system that expressed the beliefs and values of the culture. Since contact, the ability to translate these motifs has been lost even among the people; however, the designs and symbols are still present in the artwork. This spindle has a wooden core that is decorated by carved simple lines and widens at the top and narrows to a point at the bottom. The core passes through a stone that widens and narrows at the center and has white, cotton thread wrapped around two-thirds of the core. 1970.78.15.18 (Spindle) image
4 1974.23.75 Skullcap Brightly colored, embroidered; Stiff coarse material lined with navy blue. 1/4" edge of black velvet around bottom. Color: BK,BL 1974.23.75 (Skullcap) image
5 1980.22.1 Vase Ch'ing Dynasty; large 3 3/4" top opening, ribbed edge; light blue lower exterior glaze, with muted oxblood shading above; tapered body design. 1980.22.1 (Vase) image
6 1983.6.3 Mask "Devil" mask with red face and black features and horn attached to center of forehead. Bearded with cutout mouth and two pointed teeth. Cutout eyes highlighted with black 'rays'. Hemp cord attached to holes on both sides and top center. Color: RD, BK 1983.6.3 (Mask) image
7 1990.21.0069 Container Colorful basket. Four leather thongs are attached to the outer rim, 3 cowrie shells decorate where leather is sewed to the edge. Rim is edged in red plastic strip. Geometric patterns ring around the basket, separated by strips of solid colors. Outside of basket more ornate than the inside. Color: RD,TN,PR,BL,YL 1990.21.0069 (Container) image
8 1997.4.2A Drum Drum and stick. a. Drum appears to be made of hollow tree trunk. Secured at bottom and top with shaped branch and also rope, encircling it. At four places two ropes stretched from top to bottom, spread 4" at top and bottom and lashed together with leather thong in center for several inches. Crown of feathers wrapped around one end for 27 1/2". Top and bottom are parchment made from animal skin. Rope carrying handle. Hole, 3/8" diameter, drilled in each side. b. Drumstick. Curved wooden branch with small mallet carved in one end. 1997.4.2A (Drum) image
9 2007.3.0015 Bowl, libation Gbine Libation bowl. Triangle pattern carved on front and back. Tiny diamond pattern carved down center of back and center of chest. Elongated neck. Deep bowl. Wood Carved to curve inward towards center of bowl, but rims do not meet. Knees slightly bent. Wood smooth and discolored, wood is damaged heavily at feet. One leg is split open. 2007.3.0015 (Bowl, libation) image
10 2010.17.133 Saddlebag Large saddle bag for use on camels, made from weaving dyed wool, vertical stripes of RD, OR, BK, BR, and WH, thick black stripes contain WH and RD triangular patterns, OR and BR and BK and WH striped edging around RD and WH cloth at top edge, cloth has openings on either end to slide a wooden rod through to attach to the camel's trappings for easy transport, multicolored edging around sides and middle Color: RD OR BK BR WH 2010.17.133 (Saddlebag) image
11 2010.4.23 Necklace Round flat disk with three hanging pieces. The disk is made of wire and beads colored white, red, blue, orange, and yellow. At one end of the disk are six small wire hooks to clasp the end together. At the opposite end of the disk is a beaded arch with black, white, blue and red beads. In the middle of the arch is an oblong green bead. At the bottom of the arch are three long beaded strings hanging down. The strings are colored orange, white, and blue and each have a single cowrie shell at the end. The string is peeking out in various locations and the exposed wire on the disk forms segments. Color: multi 2010.4.23 (Necklace) image
12 2017-1-12A Tapa Tapa cloth with card backing (A). Description, preparation, and decoration on in English and French. (B) Removed from packaging and seperated into objects A+B on 6/3/19 for better protection of objects. 2017-1-12A (Tapa) image