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1 1971.41.36 Hat U. S. Army officer's high peaked style dress issue; olive green wool material; brown leather bill & chin strap; brass side buttons, light green knit exterior hat band; interior leather headband; gold satin lining; leather headband stamped, "E - Z CUSHION"; Color: GR,BR 1971.41.36 (Hat) image
2 1972.42.2 Iron Curling iron with single steel rod and trough; spring tension riveted hinge; wooden handles. 1972.42.2 (Iron) image
3 1972.42.3 Iron Curling iron with dual steel rods and dual sheet metal trough; riveted pin hinge; dual wood handles. 1972.42.3 (Iron) image
4 1973.43.0049 Glove Wrist opening with 3 covered snaps. a. Right glove. b. Left glove. Color: GY 1973.43.0049 (Glove) image
5 1974.38.13A Kit Case for a toilet kit that was used to hold men's grooming and shaving materials. Two thin, rectangular lids are labeled o and n. 1974.38.13A (Kit) image
6 1974.38.13A Mirror Part of a toilet kit. A rectangular mirror with a black leather backing. 1974.38.13A (Mirror) image
7 1974.38.13E Dish Part of a toilet kit. A silver dish with a lid on hinges. Rectangular and bulging at the top. 1974.38.13E (Dish) image
8 1974.38.13H-J Brush Part of a toilet kit. A shaving brush (j) incased in a bone tube (h) that has a screw on lid (i). 1974.38.13H-J (Brush) image
9 1974.38.13K Brush Part of a toilet kit. Has a lion on the handle and says "London Improve" along with "Extra quality" around the lion. 1974.38.13K (Brush) image
10 1974.38.13L-M Bottle Part of a toilet kit. Glass bottle (L) used to hold lotion. The silver cap is labeled m. 1974.38.13L-M (Bottle) image
11 1989.43.648 Watch Boy Scout Pocket Watch has green face with yellow numbers and design. There is an eagle with a banner that says, "Be Prepared." A leather chain is attached. 1989.43.648 (Watch) image
12 1989.43.650 Watch Silver pocket watch. Says "R. Bragg, US Army" on both the back and on the inside of the back panel. Glass on front has fallen out. No chain 1989.43.650 (Watch) image
13 1990.58.20 Thimble A white box that holds a thimble which would have been made into a gold wedding ring. 1990.58.20 (Thimble) image
14 1992.22.42 Mirror Metal hand mirror embossed with 2-headed eagle surrounded by floral and foliage pattern. 1992.22.42 (Mirror) image
15 1992.22.9 Hat U. S. Navy dress. Navy blue wool with gold, leaf patterned trim and band on bill. Eagle, shield, anchor emblem on center front. Leather sweat band. label: "The Commodore". Designed and manufactured by Ratner, San Diego, California. Holds ID tag: Lt. Commander N. L. Hersey (MC) USNR Base Hosp #13 navy 817. Size unknown. Fabric soiled. 1992.22.9 (Hat) image
16 2017-10-4 Helmet WWI German Model 1918 Droop-bill helmet. Outside hand painted with geometric shapes in light and dark brown and green with black outlines. On left, of wearer, a painted feather and lightning bolt with an arrow at bottom. Two rivets on both sides at temple and top of ear. Fastener on both sides above templ and slightly back used for sniper shield, wear on paint suggested use of one and flipping it up and down. Other scratches all around. Inside, chin strap has two adjusters that move to center. 3 piece leather netting with two peaks on each with a hole for the string, two eyelets torn, string not broken or untied. On inside of leather netting each has a pouch for a wool pad for cushioning. Signed on back inside bring as R. Müller. 2017-10-4 (Helmet) image
17 UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0008 Hat Off-white with large rust ostrich feather. Color: CR,OR UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0008 (Hat) image
18 UNIM1986.14.1981.4.0014 Glove Wrist-length. a&b. Color: CR UNIM1986.14.1981.4.0014 (Glove) image
19 UNIM1986.14.1981.6.0019 Collar Detachable, with lace & front bow tie. UNIM1986.14.1981.6.0019 (Collar) image
20 UNIM1988.11.0260W Necktie None UNIM1988.11.0260W (Necktie) image
21 UNIM1988.11.0264A Necktie None UNIM1988.11.0264A (Necktie) image
22 UNIM1988.11.139 Sandal Sling back pump style sandal with stilletto heels that are 2 1/2" high. Open toe with buckle fastener. Holes in vinyl alternating red and clear layers. Sketch on catalog sheet. Brand: Streicher's UNIM1988.11.139 (Sandal) image
23 UNIM1988.11.234B Brush Brown shoe brush with wooden handle. Made with synthetic bristles.
24 UNIM1988.11.260AB Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260AB (Necktie) image
25 UNIM1988.11.260AC Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260AC (Necktie) image
26 UNIM1988.11.260C Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260C (Necktie) image
27 UNIM1988.11.260E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260E (Necktie) image
28 UNIM1988.11.260F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260F (Necktie) image
29 UNIM1988.11.260Z Necktie None UNIM1988.11.260Z (Necktie) image
30 UNIM1988.11.261D Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261D (Necktie) image
31 UNIM1988.11.261E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261E (Necktie) image
32 UNIM1988.11.261F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.261F (Necktie) image
33 UNIM1988.11.262H Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262H (Necktie) image
34 UNIM1988.11.262I Necktie None UNIM1988.11.262I (Necktie) image
35 UNIM1988.11.263H Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263H (Necktie) image
36 UNIM1988.11.263O Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263O (Necktie) image
37 UNIM1988.11.263P Necktie None UNIM1988.11.263P (Necktie) image
38 UNIM1988.11.264C Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264C (Necktie) image
39 UNIM1988.11.264F Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264F (Necktie) image
40 UNIM1988.11.264J Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264J (Necktie) image
41 UNIM1988.11.264L Necktie None UNIM1988.11.264L (Necktie) image
42 UNIM1988.11.265A Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265A (Necktie) image
43 UNIM1988.11.265B Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265B (Necktie) image
44 UNIM1988.11.265E Necktie None UNIM1988.11.265E (Necktie) image
45 UNIM1990.10.3 Watch Ladies Elgin National Watch Company Victorian pocket watch made in the U.S.A. The pocket watch goes with a chain unim1990.5.0010. The pocket watch is gold plated hunter case with two covers. Both front and back covers have engraved designs of a bird, both are two different birds on a branches decorated with flowers and filigree. The watch has 11 jewels and a winding crown at the top of the watch. Back cover has engraving "Lizzie Cox." Inside second cover into the exposed part of the watch is the engravings "Wadsworth PILOT - guaranteed 20 years" and "#326521". UNIM1990.10.3 (Watch) image
46 UNIM1990.5.0020 Set, shaving Four pieces. a. Straight razor. Cutting blade @3" x 5/8"; folds into 5 1/2' black handle. b. Mug. 3 5/8' tall x 3 1/4" diameter; white with green border & floral design; handle. c. Shaving brush. 1 1/4" diameter, bristles light brown color. d. double-swing strop, 20" x 2 1/2"; 1 strop is leather, other probably linen; swiveling. Sketch on catalog sheet.
47 UNIM1991.11.0033 Apron Pink nylon half apron, 18" x 1 3/4" waistband and 3 1/2" x 20" ties, 15" long. Has three flacked circle medallions. 2 outer medallions are pockets. Scalloped hem, self bound around edge. Apron gathered to waistband. Medallion with floral center design and lace 1" wide all around them add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK UNIM1991.11.0033 (Apron) image