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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2021-102 Bracelet A bracelet from India made of brass. It's a C-shaped piece of jewlery with a chain pattern on the front. ED2021-102 (Bracelet) image
2 ED2021-103 Figurines Two brass figurines from India. The first figurine (A) is a small elephant with some accessories on its back and trunk. The second figurine (B) is a horse/donkey with accessories on its back and head. ED2021-103 (Figurines) image
3 ED2021-108 Anklet A metal, Indian anklet, called a payal. The anklet has two strands with sets of bells placed at intervals on the strands. On the clasp is the @ symbol (possibly a brand symbol) and a set of bells. ED2021-108 (Anklet) image
4 ED2021-152 Wind Chime A metal wind chime from India, likely from the Kutch district of India where Ghantadi (the art of metal bell crafting) is popular. This wind chime contains four gold-colored metal bells of varying sizes. The heart-shaped base of the wind chime is black with a short chain on top. ED2021-152 (Wind Chime) image