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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.1 Moccasin Green paint applied to upper and inner portions. Decorated with multi-colored bead work, and 7 silver discs. 5 blue painted stripes on outside of leg. Fringed at top. .a left and .b right. Color: GR,YL,BL,RD,WH From Oklahoma Indian Reservation 00.30.1 (Moccasin) image
2 00.30.60 Pipe None 00.30.60 (Pipe) image
3 00.30.61 Pipe None 00.30.61 (Pipe) image
4 00.30.62 Pipe None 00.30.62 (Pipe) image
5 00.30.77 Charcoal From mound two miles northwest of Waterloo. 00.30.77 (Charcoal) image
6 00.70.0008 projectile point, dart Corner-notched
7 00.70.0009 projectile point, dart Expanding stem
8 00.70.0013 projectile point, dart Folsom point. Color: bluish gray
9 1972.2.3.12 Stereograph "Schoolhouse. Sac and Fox Agency I. T." Shows children seated and standing on the grass in front of a one-room brick schoolhouse. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.12 (Stereograph) image
10 1987.25.0002 Bag Nettle fiber storage bag. faded but visiable colors and twist pattern.
11 1987.25.0003 Bag Storage bag made of basswood fibers,
12 1987.25.0004 Bag Most recent style in sequence of the styles of storage bags, used by the Mesquakies.
13 1988.24.1 Moccasin One baby moccasin, brown leather with white and green beadwork. 1988.24.1 (Moccasin) image
14 1988.24.2 Doll Leather Indian doll with blue, green, white, red, yellow and black beadwork. Black hair. Color: BK,BL,WH,RD,YL 1988.24.2 (Doll) image
15 1989.43.45 Moccasin For a papoose. Design on top of white, green, purple, and red beads. Tied together by their laces. a & b Color: WH,GR,PR,RD 1989.43.45 (Moccasin) image
16 1989.43.46 Pouch For tobacco. One side has a window shape design made out of blue beads and very few red beads. The other side has seven groups of three strings of beads (two red and one green) and blue and black beads around the outside. There are yellow and maroon beads lining the edge all the way around the pouch and it has a leather pull tight strap. Color: ML 1989.43.46 (Pouch) image