Peruvian Project: Cashinahua

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.78.10.0003 Basket Handcrafted large basket carried on the back with a woven rope over the forehead, woven of fiber in natural and black, design has a diamond-like look. Attached to square wooden rim at top. Wooden sticks at corners, two sticks extend down side and across bottom to form opposite corner. Carrying strap attached to one side. Between corners at bottom stick holds woven fibers. Color: TN,BK
2 1970.78.10.0004 Spear Has two feathers 8" long attached on one end, one all black and the other black with some white. Head is 16" long, made of wood with printed black and brown v-shaped design. Head attached to shaft by black and red cotton cord wrapped around shaft. Feathers attached with black and natural cord wrapped around shaft. Color: TN,BK
3 1970.78.10.0005 Spear Wooden spear with barbed point 11 1/4" long, painted black. Point attached to shaft by wrapped cord, black and pink in color; Two feathers attached to end of shaft, one black and one yellow. Button-like end attached with black and pink cord. Color: TN,BK,YL,PK
4 1970.78.10.0008 Pot Small round bowl with with tapering neck. Color: BR, BK
5 1970.78.10.1 Skirt Thick handwoven dark pink skirt material with blue vertically striped design. Color: PK,BL