Peruvian Project: Chimu

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.9.0058 Pot Globular with no designs. Constricted opening at top with short slightly flared rim. Color: BK
2 1988.21.0020 Pot Base of pot and spout were produced separately and joined together. Spout moves vertically for two inches down and then splits into two separate passages into pot. Dirt is apparent in the spout and the spout is tan in color. Four figures are painted on the sides of the pot with various weapons, images and other objects around them. All four figures are dressed in headwear of various designs. The background behind the figures is tan while the base of the object is worn and orange in color. The drawing includes four warrior figures, in two groupings on either side of the pot. Between the warriors, scattered as background designs, are cacti. Each of the warriors is clad in a conical helmet or headdress and a tunic, is painted on the face, arms, and legs, and is carrying weapons. The attire is distinct for each warrior. This is because each warrior was not a soldier but a person of rank who designed their own uniform. The primary weapon for each warrior is a spear with a club at one end and a barbed arrangement at the other. Presumably either end could be used as a weapon. Two warriors additionally have a tumi (rounded-blade knife) hanging from their belts. One of these warriors is also distinctive for a more elaborate headdress made of a head wrap with two fans (probably made of metal). He also has a shield with three darts. Unlike the other warriors, his face painting is minimal. Color: TN,PR,OR
3 2000.5.0001 Pitcher Stirrup-spout vessel with decrotive motif on upper body. Motif contains birds, step frets and stippling. A short flared rim sits on stirrup-spout mounted on egg-shaped body. Slightly convex base. Stylized step fretting beneath points where spout attaches to body. Pebble polish surface abrasion visible. Color: BR
4 2007.16.0001 Pitcher Small ceramic (presumably) vessel, four sided base with low-relief designs of vegetation, made by use of 2 distinct clay stamps. Vegetation: manioc root, peanuts, beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, peppers, tubers, avocado, acacia seeds. Vessel also consists of 2 spouts, one on either side of the "pot". One is longer and plainy decorated with horizontal stripes running lendth (faded). Small spout is much more decorated with horizontal stripes as well as a design involving one stripe sitting on top of tips of triangles that form on top of the bottom stripe. Color: BR