Peruvian Project: Shipibo-Conibo

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.78.15.0003 Bowl Small, brown with white geometric painted design both inside and out. Color: BR,WH
2 1970.78.15.0006 Skirt Natural colored, handwoven; with black painted design and touches of red, green, pink yellow and blue embroidery. Color: BK,ML
3 1970.78.15.0007 Skirt Handwoven; child's. Mostly natural in color with some yellow and orange woven into it and black painted black design. Color: TN,YL,OR
4 1970.78.15.0009 Blouse Typical, with short front designed for nursing convenience. Red with black lace around yoke and blue/white polka dot material around bottom of back. One button in back. Color: RD,BK,BL
5 1970.78.15.0016 Paddle, canoe Handcrafted. Color: TN
6 1970.78.15.0026 Point, projectile Spear with wooden shaft, two black feathers tied on back end of shaft. Two rods with metal points tied to front. Double pronged head is 14" long. Color: TN,BK
7 1970.78.15.0027 Stunner Spear with squarish head 1 1/4" on a side and with a point. (Gives the apperance of a pyramid). Two dark brown feathers at rear end. Color: BR
8 1970.78.15.0028 Point, projectile Spear. Head is 7" long, 4" being three-pronged with barbed metal tips. Two 3 1/2" dark brown feathers attached to rear end with thread. Color: TN,BR
9 1970.78.15.0029 Point, projectile Spear 60" long with removable point 7" long, top 4 1/4" double headed barbed metal point, attaches to shaft by a cord 82" long. Two dark brown feathers 5" long attached to rear end. Color: TN,BR
10 1970.78.15.0030 Point, projectile Spear. Detachable head is 10" long with 2" a barbed metal tip. Two brown feathers 4 1/2" long attached to rear end. Removable point is attached to shaft with cord 93" long. Color: TN,BR
11 1970.78.15.14 Necklace Chief's; beaded bib with a metal disc fringe. Bead work is mostly white with black, red, yellow, green, brown and blue. Color: WH,ML
12 1970.78.15.17 Bow Bow streaked brown and black with black predominant. Bow string is natural colored cord. Color: BK,BR
13 1970.78.15.2 Pot Wide-mouthed, thin-walled; painted white with black and red designs all over the outside including the bottom. Glazed reddish-brown on inside. Color: WH,BK,RD. 1970.78.15.2 (Pot) image
14 1970.78.15.25 Basket Storage basket with lid.
15 1970.78.15.4 Textile White with black, red, and white geometric painted design. Color: WH,BK,RD 1970.78.15.4 (Textile) image
16 1970.78.15.5 Skirt Brown with black geometric painted design. Color: BR,BK
17 1970.78.15.8 Skirt Black with red, yellow and green geometric embroidery work. Color: BK,RD,YL,GR 1970.78.15.8 (Skirt) image