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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED2019-105 Pelt Tanned rabbit pelt
2 ED2019-149 Dream Catcher None
3 ED2019-150 Necklace Northern Cherokee necklace
4 ED2019-152 Noise Maker None
5 ED2019-153 Noise Maker None
6 ED2019-155 Drum Drum (B) and Striker (A)
7 ED2019-157 Moccasin None
8 ED2019-158 Noise Maker Ceremonial noise maker
9 Ed2019-160 Book, Activity Handbook of American Indian Games
10 ED2019-161 Game Ring and Pin game
11 ED2019-164 Dream Catcher None
12 ED2019-165 Beadwork Eastern Woodlands beadwork
13 ED2019-168 Replica SouthWestern Adobe House Replica