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1 1970.9.1 Sling Black tassel 22" at one end, natural color tassel 22" at other end. Black cord 33" long attaches tassel and natural 35" long to covered handle 15" long x 1 1/4" wide. Color: TN,BK 1970.9.1 (Sling) image
2 1970.9.10 Sling Center sling almost exclusively natural with a little brown in center. Color: TN,BR 1970.9.10 (Sling) image
3 1970.9.100 Boat Child's balsa made of XXX reed. Reed sail and mast lying in balsa, not upright. Color: TN
4 1970.9.11 Rope Braided. Color: BK,TN 1970.9.11 (Rope) image
5 1970.9.12 Rope Braided. 1970.9.12 (Rope) image
6 1970.9.13 Rope Braided rope. 1970.9.13 (Rope) image
7 1970.9.14 Rope Braided. Loop tied at one end. Color: BK,TN 1970.9.14 (Rope) image
8 1970.9.15 Necklace Braided with a long tassel. 1970.9.15 (Necklace) image
9 1970.9.16 Cotton Raw cotton with string wrapped around much of it; string wrapped around 17" in center. 1970.9.16 (Cotton) image
10 1970.9.17 Rope Fine, twisted. 1970.9.17 (Rope) image
11 1970.9.18 Tassel Fifteen strands. 1970.9.18 (Tassel) image
12 1970.9.19 Poncho Neck portion of a child's poncho, light brown with dark red embroidery. 1970.9.19 (Poncho) image
13 1970.9.2 Sling Sling with one black tassel 34 1/2" long and one natural 36 1/2" long. Cord 36" long attaches natural tassel to handle. Cord 31" long attaches black tassel to handle 16" long. Color: BK,TN 1970.9.2 (Sling) image
14 1970.9.20 Broom, whisk Tightly woven handle of braided strands that come to a fringe of multiple braided strands that are all cut to be equal lengths. 1970.9.20 (Broom, whisk) image
15 1970.9.21 Poncho Child's. Woven striped patterns in green and red on outside and 5" apart; narrow yellow stripes between, 0.6" apart, red and green stripes 5 1/4" apart. The poncho is sewn together with a few stitches at the collar. 1970.9.21 (Poncho) image
16 1970.9.22 Blanket Sewed together in center of length. 7" red border on each side, full length with 2 narrow yellow and 2 narrow blue stripes through the outer edges of the red; center of blanket is brown, yellow edge to total blanket. There appears to be a very vague, faded design painted on the red. Color: BR,RD,BL,YL
17 1970.9.23 Tape, fabric Red, woven; with yellow woven pattern in it, stylized animal designs. 1970.9.23 (Tape, fabric) image
18 1970.9.24 Belt Red woven, with yellow, brown and black, and white woven pattern of stylized animals. 1970.9.24 (Belt) image
19 1970.9.25 Belt Woven; brown with woven geometrical pattern in 2 browns, red, yellow, and natural. 1970.9.25 (Belt) image
20 1970.9.26 Cloth fragment Torn, natural color with blue geometric design, part just plain. Pattern in reverse color on reverse side. Blue and natural woven border with rows on one side. Stained from body oils. 1970.9.26 (Cloth fragment) image
21 1970.9.27 Cloth fragment Natural color with blue design in reverse color on reverse side. Irregularly shaped. 1970.9.27 (Cloth fragment) image
22 1970.9.28 Cloth fragment Ground cloth light brown with red and blue stitched design on most of the length. 1970.9.28 (Cloth fragment) image
23 1970.9.29 Cloth fragment Scrap of red, blue, green, and brown striped woven fabric. 1970.9.29 (Cloth fragment) image
24 1970.9.3 Sling With one tassel, natural color, 7 1/2" long. Other cord has a loop at end and is 39" long. Handle is 7" long. Color: BK,BR,WH 1970.9.3 (Sling) image
25 1970.9.30 Cloth fragment Larger fragment of same fabric as 70.9.029. Has a distinct red tassel in one place. 1970.9.30 (Cloth fragment) image
26 1970.9.31 Purse Red woven; with light brown drawstring. Has green and yellow woven cross on red background. 1970.9.31 (Purse) image
27 1970.9.32 Purse Woven fabric folded over and sewn on two sides. Dark brown background with tan and brown stripes. 1970.9.32 (Purse) image
28 1970.9.33 Purse With drawstring. Striped pattern, narrower stripes near sides, wider stripes near center, 3/4" stripes in center (3); 4 smaller each about 1/4" at outer sides; red, green, natural, blue and yellow. Draw string is red and green. 1970.9.33 (Purse) image
29 1970.9.34 Purse With draw string, tassel at one corner at bottom. Colors faded; must have been red, blue, green, brown, in stripes. Drawstring is brown and natural. One piece of cloth folded and sewn along sides with red thread. 1970.9.34 (Purse) image
30 1970.9.35 Hair, braided Braided human hair, 62 narrow braids and 2 wider ones on each side near face, fringe for bangs; all woven together into a band at the top. Band forms a circle. Woven with white and tan cotton string. 1970.9.35 (Hair, braided) image
31 1970.9.36 Hair, human Fastened together at top 5" with cord. 1970.9.36 (Hair, human) image
32 1970.9.37 Pot Open flared bowl. Polychrome red, white and black design. Coiled technique. Dark terra cotta color with white detailing of four vertical rows of tabular snake motif, repeated along each row. Inside is plain. Color: RD,WH,BK
33 1970.9.38 Pot On the surface is a geometric pattern in the colors of brown and black on a base of white and the rim of the pot is lined in black. This pot is rounded at the base with a fracture. 1970.9.38 (Pot) image
34 1970.9.39 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel, 7" diameter, polychrome white, black, brown, designs basically sub-rectangular. 4.0" high." Alternate description: Open, conical shape. Polychrome ware in black, white, and brown. Designs basically sub-rectangular. Bottom is natural below 2 brown bands, 2 brown triangles extend from small round bottom. Inside is light brown. Color: BK,WH,BR,TN -Pronounced smooth, rounded base. -Some weathering evident on bowl, design; partial staining on exterior, interior has what appears to be a water line. -Possible presence of salt—would indicate likely utilitarian usage. -Significant fractures sign of past breaking—has been mended with semi-visible adhesive; is missing number of tiny/small fragments from rim and surface, leaving two miniscule holes in side of bowl. -Design very geometrical—rectangles, squares; circular/oblong shapes, "step pyramids" alternating between upside-down and upright just below outer rim. 1970.9.39 (Pot) image
35 1970.9.4 Sling With one tassel, brown and natural color, 3'' long. Other end has a black loop. Handle is 8" long. Cord with tassel is 39 1/2" long; other with loop is 40" long.Thick bands on sling have a diamond snake back pattern and tan, brown, and black stripes. The colors are mirrored and the diamond pattern flows into a tan braid that ends with a black woven handle. Possibly there were two black handles and one of them has been damaged. 1970.9.4 (Sling) image
36 1970.9.40 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel, 5" diameter at top, 4.1" high, polychrome ware, black brown, and white." Alternate description: Open. Polychrome ware—black, brown, white. Interior brown. Has round base 3 1/4" diameter by 1 1 /4" high; hollow. Brown triangles at oval base. Bowl has 4 brown crosshatch design rectangles. Five brown bands around top. Color: BK,WH,BR -Pedestal-style bowl; color design is weathering throughout, can be seen especially along upper third of bowl. -Light scorch mark on underside of bowl—could be from firing, potential utilitarian or ritual use. -Significant fractures are signs of past breaking; repaired with visible adhesive; missing fragment of bowl along rim. 1970.9.40 (Pot) image
37 1970.9.41 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel, 5" diameter at top, 5.9" high, red, black, and white pattern design in a band." Alternate description: Open. Polychrome ware in red, black, and white band around middle of side. Two brown bands along top and bottom of design, 2 larger red rectangles on one side have a star in center. 2 red rectangles on other side do not. Color: RD,BK,WH -Weathering apparent, mild deterioration of surface primarily on underside, lower half on one side; has dark mark on part of interior, likely scorch mark from firing method. -Has a crack in top-third of pot; has been broken at some point, mended with unseen adhesive. -Possesses evident hole (potentially resulted in break), most likely caused by probe striking pot while buried; possibly a burial offering. 1970.9.41 (Pot) image
38 1970.9.42 Pot Polychrome ware, white, black, red and brown design consisting of vertical bars of various widths alternating brown, red, natural, tan. White bars have brown dots, some of which are worn off. White horizontal bar & four white bars. Dark brown band around rim. Color: WH,RD,BK,BR 1970.9.42 (Pot) image
39 1970.9.43 Pot Open. Inside includes a hand-painted black design focused on the inside; not around rim. 1970.9.43 (Pot) image
40 1970.9.44 Pot Open brown vessel; black arrow designs on inside bottom of bowl, half circle and bar design in brown around inside rim. Exterior plain. Color: BR,BK
41 1970.9.45 Pot Open. Black and brown designs inside.. Color: BK,BR
42 1970.9.46 Pot Small open vessel. Bird design on outside near rim in gray, black, and white patterns. Red band around outside rim with bird track designs. Inside is brown. Color: GY,WH,BK 1970.9.46 (Pot) image
43 1970.9.47 Pot Description from Albertin Collection inventory document: Nasca open vessel. 4.1” diameter at top, 3.5” high. Outside design diamond-shaped in black. Other description: Open vessel. Outside design diamond-shaped in black. Interior blackened on bottom. Neck of bowl 4" diameter & is narrower than widest part of bowl. Has 2 protruberances near rim on each side. Color: RD,BK -Signs of salt presence on base, superficial cracking towards the base and rim also present. -Wear pattern around base and salt presence suggests a utilitarian purpose, possibly used to store water or food stuffs in the ground. -Ornamental, geometric nature of the design suggests the piece is from the later Nazca periods. -The linear space between the black diamonds may indicate a form of fibrous material was used to guide application of the slip before firing. 1970.9.47 (Pot) image
44 1970.9.48 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca open vessel. 4.8" diameter at top, 7.7" high. Polychrome ware, external design in white, gray, yellow, black, and red." Alternate description: Open top, beaker. Polychrome ware. External design in white, gray, yellow, black, and red. Color: WH,GY,YL,BK,RD -Weathering evident—appears to have signs salt development, indicates possible utilitarian use as a food/water storage vessel placed in ground. -Bottom of beaker rounded; mostly smooth save for central part of base. -Interior has mix of light brown and dark patches—light patches appear to be dried earth; dark patches possibly from firing method or paint. -Designs repetitive, both geometric forms and bird-like heads; fading due to weathering, salt development. -Around upper quarter of beaker, majority of eyes of "bird heads" are closed, one with eye open—appears black, almost purple in color. 1970.9.48 (Pot) image
45 1970.9.49 Pot Constricted top1" wide. External design red, white, brown spots. Red band with narrow white band above around center of pot. Red band around neck. Bird design between rim and band. Bottom half brown. Color: RD,WH,BR
46 1970.9.5 Sling Part of a sling with double strands extending from handle. One side brown & 22" long, other side natural with only one strand 41" long. Sling has four bands that reflect the same designs of stripes and diamonds. Possible human hair braided into the four thicker bands. 1970.9.5 (Sling) image
47 1970.9.50 Pot As derived from Albertin Collection inventory documents: "Nasca vessel with constricted top. 2.7" wide at top, 7" greatest width, height 5.2". External designs in white and black, star-shaped." Alternate description: Constricted top. External designs in white and black, star shaped. Color: WH,BK -Small storage bag inside vessel, contains label. -Vessel varies in wear, minimal to severe—fragment of rim missing; small area of vessel's exterior appears chipped away, has removed small portion of design to show clay just under surface. -Rounded bottom, appears to have been stuck to something or is flaking—could potentially be part of original/different design? -Uneven dark markings across surface, differ in shade from star-shape design—most likely scorch marks from method of firing. 1970.9.50 (Pot) image
48 1970.9.51 Pot Description from Albertin Collection inventory document: Nasca vessel with constricted top. Pitcher with human(owl) face. 3.1” diameter at top, 5.5” greatest width, 5.5” high. External design black, brown, and white. Other description: Constricted top. Pitcher with human face on one side and handle on the other. Brown band below face with reddish brown triangles with point toward bottom. Bottom light brown. Light brown hand below triangles. Handle has brown horizontal stripes. Color: BK,BR,WH -Score marks present on base, most likely made post-antiquity -General wear, staining and chipping present -Style may suggest this piece dating to the Middle Horizon period. Primary indicators for dating in the composition include the globular shape, inclusion of a handle, a rounded bottom, and the face design on the neck. -The use of polychromatic design is a characteristic most typical in Nazca ceramics 1970.9.51 (Pot) image
49 1970.9.52 Pot Constricted top. Pitcher with human face on one side and handle on the other. External designs in red, brown, and tan. Brown band around center with design above and brown below. Red color on neck. 1970.9.52 (Pot) image
50 1970.9.53 Pot Constricted top. Human funny face with long narrow nose extending 1" from side, has hole to form spout. Two leaf-like designs on opposite side from face. Brown hand around center, red neck with brown line around base of neck. Color: BR,RD,WH