UNI Jewelry Collection: Rings

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Catalog # Name Description
1 1989.43.0719 Ring Thin ring band with a piece on top. Along the sides of the band is a decorative design. Small hole in the bottom, so it could be put on a necklace. 1989.43.0719 (Ring) image
2 1990.44.0008 Ring Faux reproduction of Princess Diana's engagement ring. The ring has a blue sapphire at the center surrounded by 14 diamonds and a silver band. Replica of the ring given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles for their engagement. 1990.44.0008 (Ring) image
3 1990.58.0016 Ring Wedding ring. Circular; ribbed designs on the face. Color: GD
4 1994.10.0007 Ring Elongated oval shaped face with raised center. Set with hematites and lined with silver. Inside the ring band the number 830 is engraved. 1994.10.0007 (Ring) image
5 1994.10.0010 Ring Flower-like face divided into 6 sections. Gold ball in the center of the flower face. Solid band. Inside the band is a circular hole underneath the flower face. "14K" is engraved into the inside of the band also. 14K. Color: GD