UNI Textile Collection: Swim Attire

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1 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0064 Swimsuit Wool swimsuit worn by the donor's mother or aunt. Teal one-piece suit. Legs, with overskirt, built up shoulder straps. Left strap buttons with 2 buttons at shoulder seam. gusset at crotch, overskirt attaches to legs at waist & extends to just above leg hems. Tank top style double row of top stitching at neck & armholes & where legs and overskirt attach; 1' hems. The suit label is a Bradley label from the 1920's.
2 UNIM1986.14.1981.1.0019 Suit, bathing Man's straight leg swimming suit with drawstring and elastic at waist. Legs 13+" long. Pocket on right front. KF patch on left front. Knit jock strap on inside. Size 34. "Made For The B.V.D. Best Retail Trade," written on the label. UNIM1986.14.1981.1.0019 (Suit, bathing) image
3 UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0005 Suit, bathing Worn by the donor. Turquoise with gold Oriental print. Romper style swimming suit with two side pockets on front. One inch shoulder straps attached by single button on each side. Sewn in undergarments. UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0005 (Suit, bathing) image
4 UNIM1988.11.0084 Suimsuit Wool bathing suit manufactured by Louis Pelton. Patent No. 1666504. Scoop neckline front and back; left top shoulder strap closure with 1/2" button. The strap is sewn shut by dressmaker with built in brassiere, elastic at waist and a skirt covering shorts. Back open 12" held in place with green orange and lavender wool tubing spaced apart.
5 UNIM1988.11.0085 Swimsuit Scoop neckline front, dressmaker shortened 4 1/2" with wide tuck around midriff; legs are 6" long; left shoulder closure using two 1/2" diameter buttons. Medium sized. UNIM1988.11.0085 (Swimsuit) image
6 UNIM1991.9.0003 Suit, bathing Woman's; basic chemise cut with lowered neckline in front and low V-neck in back. 1' straps over shoulders. Skirt included in original cut of garment; pants sewn in @ about 7" above bottom of skirt. Double rows of stitching at neck; armseyes hem, & lowered waist.