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1 Quartz Fragment of geode. (Quartz) image
2 Lantern Tallow Lantern with nine-inch chain on top. Pierced. Tallow candle is still on the inside. Light would shine n patterns from the cut metal. (Lantern) image
3 Patch U. S. Army World War II issue; embroidered cotton thread, oval shape; olive green edging, central blue field, large red & yellow lightning bolt flanked by yellow chains, central five pointed blue star at top; a, b and c, Similar to a. and b., but early war issue; felt backing, smaller size, hand embroidered.; d. Lapel insignia. (Patch) image
4 1971.41.48 Patch Military patch, Sergeant stripes; 3 green stripes on black field. 1971.41.48 (Patch) image
5 1974.23.76 Bowl Etched design along outside, painted red and blue 1974.23.76 (Bowl) image
6 1988.24.15 Basket Tlingit woven rattle top basket covered in black and orange geometric designs. The seeds in the lid of the basket are there to keep the devil away. 1988.24.15 (Basket) image
7 1993.44.4.4 Basket Hand-woven. White four-pointed star on base, red ring near base, black four-pointed star at base. Color: WH,RD,BK 1993.44.4.4 (Basket) image
8 1996.16.19 Hematite Group of about 50 1/2" balls stuck together. Color: GY 1996.16.19 (Hematite) image
9 1996.30.5 Hat Stocking cap with earflaps in various shades of brown, plus cream. Earflaps have bird motif in cream color. Main part of cap has Alpacas in cream, with dark brown stripe both above and below. Dark brown stripe has geometric motif resembling the letter "N". Top of cap and ear flaps have short knitted strings. Exterior edges finished with cream-colored chain stitch. These traditional hats are worn to keep the inhabitants of the Andes Mountains warm and Alpaca wool is a large resource. 1996.30.5 (Hat) image
10 2000.13.4.2 Teacup Cylindrical cup decorated with geometric patterns in shades of blue. Three separate motifs: a small triangular area with interlocking zigzag designs; an interlocking area with double cheverons and dark blue diamonds; an intelocking motif of six-petaled flowers. Inside rim is decorated with thin blue line around its circumference. Bottom exterior of cup is impressed with a maker's mark. Color: BL,WH 2000.13.4.2 (Teacup) image
11 2009.2.8 Mask Kpeliye'e mask of the Senufo people. Carved, hollowed out, wooden, human face mask. Bird on top of head, resting on half circle with checkerboard pattern. Protuberance on forehead center, with incised marks (scarification patterns). Eyes are slits, eyebrows and cheeks have checkerboard pattern. Long, narrow nose goes down most of the face. Rectangular mouth with squarish teeth. Chin is flat and comes to a point. Two handle-like tubular pieces project down from the jaw. 2009.2.8 (Mask) image
12 2010.4.23 Necklace Round flat disk with three hanging pieces. The disk is made of wire and beads colored white, red, blue, orange, and yellow. At one end of the disk are six small wire hooks to clasp the end together. At the opposite end of the disk is a beaded arch with black, white, blue and red beads. In the middle of the arch is an oblong green bead. At the bottom of the arch are three long beaded strings hanging down. The strings are colored orange, white, and blue and each have a single cowrie shell at the end. The string is peeking out in various locations and the exposed wire on the disk forms segments. Color: multi 2010.4.23 (Necklace) image
13 2017-10-4 Helmet WWI German Model 1918 Droop-bill helmet. Outside hand painted with geometric shapes in light and dark brown and green with black outlines. On left, of wearer, a painted feather and lightning bolt with an arrow at bottom. Two rivets on both sides at temple and top of ear. Fastener on both sides above templ and slightly back used for sniper shield, wear on paint suggested use of one and flipping it up and down. Other scratches all around. Inside, chin strap has two adjusters that move to center. 3 piece leather netting with two peaks on each with a hole for the string, two eyelets torn, string not broken or untied. On inside of leather netting each has a pouch for a wool pad for cushioning. Signed on back inside bring as R. Müller. 2017-10-4 (Helmet) image
14 ED2019-176 Wrap, gift Native design 2' x 2 1/2"; 3 shades of brown and beige. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR,TN ED2019-176 (Wrap, gift) image
15 ED2019-177 Appliqué Hmong Paj Ntaub textile art (flower cloth).  ED2019-177 (Appliqué) image