ED2021-179 (Amulet)

ED2021-179 (Amulet) image

A small, multicolored pouch (A) with a protective amulet (B) wrapped in a yellow fabric inside of it. The tag with the object reads: "This golden-yellow amulet can be found inside the colorful cloth bag. The astrological amulet, called Jamyang Serkhor (meaning "the golden wheel of Manjushri), is a general protective and harmonizing amulet of Lord Manjushri, who embodies all wisdom of Buddha. A piece of parchment printed from an ancient wooden block and inscribed with the emblems/mantras in the form of the cosmic turtle rests inside of the amulet. The amulet is used by wearing it or keeping it with personal belongings such as putting it under a pillow while sleeping, hanging it on the entrance of a home, or putting it in a car or bag. It should NEVER be removed from the yellow fabric wrapping."