MAC-143 (Oil on Canvas)

MAC-143 (Oil on Canvas) image

Float On by artist Jenna Jansen. "The image is a dreamlike collage combining scenes from a movie and personal photographs. The work has surrealist elements as it touches on the concepts of the unconscious, visually plays with scale, and altogether feels somewhat illogical. The mediums are traditional oil paint and linseed oil wash used in the sealing process. I began this painting following my first UNI painting class in 2020 and continued for another year. This piece was completed during my painting III class in November 2021." The artwork was selected at the UNI BFA Student Juried Exhibition hosted by the UNI Gallery of Art in April 2022. Float On was a Juried Student Art Exhibition Purchase Award through the Catherine Haynes Memorial Quasi-Endowed Fund.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022 - 11:15
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