1970.26 (Uniform)

1970.26 (Uniform) image

Iowa National Guard, 53rd Infantry Division. Belonged to Major Robert L. Fisher. a. Jacket, tunic style cut; dark blue wool with black braid around the collar, down the front, and around the bottom edge. Button front closing is concealed by the braid. Shoulder boards, silver wire trimmed edge, double silver oak leaf design (major's insignia), light blue felt background; brass collar insignia on both collars, crossed rifles (infantry), "53" (53rd Infantry Regiment), "IA" (Iowa National Guard); black plastic front buttons & black metal hooks; b. Trousers, U. S. Army & National Guard officer's issue, Spanish-American War (1898) era; blue wool material; 1 3/4' wide white stripe on outer sides of pants legs (denotes officer standing); metal buttons on front closure; suspender buttons at waist; trousers tuck into marching boots; c. & d. Boots, U. S. Army & National Guard officer's issue; Spanish American War ( 1898) era; mid-calf height marching boots; blue canvas tops, white canvas edging, multi-colored boot pulls; brown leather uppers; leather soles & heels. c. Right boot; d. Left boot. Color: BL