1970.36.53 (Jacket)

Jacket and hat, West Point U. S. Army Military Academy Cadet's parade dress issue. Jacket. Gray woolen jacket with three chevron braids on each cuff, and a round gold button in the middle of each. Across the front are eight braided "stripes", each punctuated with three round gold buttons. This same braid is on the collar and the tails of the jacket. Each tail has three chevron braids and three buttons and on the inner edge of each tail there is a row of three round gold buttons. b. Hat, 70.36.053b is in another location. Black felt body; black leather top, bill, & interior hat band; brass frotn plate, eagle clutching shield, inscribed, "Duty Honor Country, West Point MDCCCII, U. S. M. A."; brass side buttons, eagle design stamped, "Cadet, U. S. M. A."; black elastic chin strap; brass trim on bill edge; interior top stamped, "Cadet QM Dept. U. S. M. A.", with gold eagle design. Color: GY