Military Textile Box 10

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1 1970.36.43 Jacket Women's. U. S. Naval Reserve officer's World War II dress blue issue; navy blue wool material; four (4) buttons are missing from front; flaps on breast, no pockets; 1/2" & 1/4" light blue knit bands on sleeve duffs, with light blue star cloth patch above (denotes rank of Lieutenant); Women's Naval Reserve insignia, white anchor & light blue propeller design cloth patch on collars; navy blue satin lining; interior side pockets; interior pocket label, white anchor & blue propeller design, embroidered, "Made and Sold Under Authority of U. S. Navy, U. S. Women's Naval Reserve"; right inside interior pocket label, "Women's Naval Reserve", "Mary Stanhagen". Color: BL 1970.36.43 (Jacket) image
2 1970.36.52 Jacket U. S. Army officer's World War II dress issue; olive green wool whipcord material; gold plated buttons on front & pockets, eagle design in relief; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; 1/2" knit khaki cloth band on sleeves cuffs; interior neck label, khaki cotton cloth lining; interior left side pocket. Color: GR 1970.36.52 (Jacket) image
3 1970.36.53 Jacket Jacket and hat, West Point U. S. Army Military Academy Cadet's parade dress issue. Jacket. Gray woolen jacket with three chevron braids on each cuff, and a round gold button in the middle of each. Across the front are eight braided "stripes", each punctuated with three round gold buttons. This same braid is on the collar and the tails of the jacket. Each tail has three chevron braids and three buttons and on the inner edge of each tail there is a row of three round gold buttons. Interior label at neck indicates that it is uniform 55734, dated 8-9-20, belonged to "Orth L.L.", and was made by "Bahlman". b. Hat, 70.36.053b is in another location. Black felt body; black leather top, bill, & interior hat band; brass front plate, eagle clutching shield, inscribed, "Duty Honor Country, West Point MDCCCII, U. S. M. A."; brass side buttons, eagle design stamped, "Cadet, U. S. M. A."; black elastic chin strap; brass trim on bill edge; interior top stamped, "Cadet QM Dept. U. S. M. A.", with gold eagle design. Color: GY 1970.36.53 (Jacket) image
4 1970.36.66 Uniform Shattuck Military School for Boys. a. Coat, light blue wool material; four (4) brass buttons on front, stamped, "Shattuck School, Faribault, Minne.", eagle design in relief; four (4) button flap pockets, brass buttons; shoulder straps & buttons; brass hooks at waist for attachment of belt; three (3) blue wool chevrons on black cloth patch sewn on left mid-sleeve; letter "R" & "C" written on right & left lapels; dark brown satin lining; interior right label, "Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn., Cadet Cornwall", embroidered school logo. Size: small. b. Trousers, button front, three (3) gray plastic buttons & slide; rear slash pockets, small watch pocket on right waist; blued metal suspender buttons on interior waist; interior stamped, "+33=, 10-35, 30 1/2-28 1/2-33, Cornwall"; trousers are slightly flared at cuffs; mothed & torn, good condition. Color: BL,GY 1970.36.66 (Uniform) image
5 1993.31.1.1 Jacket Military. Parade dress with four brass buttons with raised eagle motif, four similar, smaller buttons on front; one on each pocket, gold and blue trim on sleeves, maunfacturer's warranty label on inner right breast, monogram above distributor's label on inner left breast, monogram "RJH". Distributor's label reads "Made to Order by Becker's Cincinnati, O - Columbus, 6A". Color: BL,BK
6 1993.31.1.2 Pants Military. Parade dress, blue with gold trim running along exterior seams of legs, six black buttons on interior on waistline, warranty label attached to inner right hip. Distributor's label attached to inner right hip. Distributor's label reads "Becker Uniforms, Cincinnatti, OH Columbus GA, Name O/C Robert J. Hibbs, No., Date 5-20-65." Color: BL.GD,BK