1984.6.8 (Paddle, sorority)

Phi Theta Pi sorority paddle. First mention of the sorority in UNI archives is October 1924.Their colors were gold and blue. In an issue of the Northern Iowan from November 1967, Phi Theta Pi makes an announcement that all current members and the pledge class of 1967 will be initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority as Phi Theta Pi decided to join a national sorority. Alpha Gamma Delta shut down at the end of Fall term 1979 according to an article in the Northern Iowan. The front of the handle says Dorothy. Probably Dorothy E Dawson, Class of 1929, pledge class of 1929. Name on the back is Ruth, could be a gift from Ruth Eells, class of 1930-1932, pledge class of 1926. Ruth Eells was the daughter of rural education professor Harry LeRoy Eells, and the future wife of Lowell Carver, member of Lambda Gamma Nu and Phi Tau Theta

Pi Theta Pi. Stained brown with black lettering. "Dorothy" on handle on front; "Ruth" on handle on back; 1929 at end of handle. Color: BR,BK