2009.8.0001 (Gown, academic)

a. gown, b. hood c. cap a. 1 academic gown, black polyester with black velvet that goes around the neckline and extends (in a band down middle pieces) to the bottom front of garment, as well as 3 stripes of velvet (black) along arms and black pleated shoulders, very full sleeves, a button in front on right can be attached to black chord for securing the front as well as a button, in the back of garment for attaching the sash/cape b. 1 academic hood, part of cap and gown outfit, black polyester lined with blue velvet fabric forming a neckline and extending around any edges of the hood, underside of black and blue is a bright yellow polyester, the black and especially blue have been sewn into the yellow, appears hand donw with everything else most likely being machine sewn, one button on front for securing front piece to chord of gown holding everything into place and a button or chord in back for securing cape around body, 4 ft in lenth with 5 " of velvet c. 1 academic cap, black polyester with 2 metallic threaded heads or button tops with a grouping of metallic (gold) chords or strings as the tassel of a larger thread head, tassel is permanetly attached to left front side of cap, flap underneath to secure hat on top of head, 51/2" in length, 7 1/4" in width, the cap is so called a Folding Crown Morterboard Cap, 4 sided with gold metallic tassel in style 94300 (on E.R. Moore's website) Color: Black