2022-27-78 (Instrument)

A long-necked string instrument (Sanxian) from China which falls into the lute family. The body/sound box of the instrument is made from a wooden ring which has snake skin stretched over both the front and the back. The neck is long, thin, and fretless and connects to the body through a rectangular hole in the top, another, much smaller hole in the bottom of the body allows for a small peg at the bottom of the neck to protrude; at the top of the neck is the peg box, which holds three large, tapered, wooden pegs, two protrude out from the proper left side while the other protrudes from the proper right. There are three green strings, (most likely nylon) which attach to the pegs and travel down the neck, through holes in the small, white, plastic bridge on the body of the instrument, and are then tied together around the peg protruding from the bottom of the body. At the very top of the instrument, above the peg box, the wood stretches up and curls over itself, creating a space where a string has been inserted, presumably to allow for the instrument to be hung; there are the remains of a sticker on the wood in the area between the top of the peg box and the curl although what was on the sticker is no longer discernable.

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