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1 00.30.103 Scraper, hafted Nonmetrical Point Attributes: Corner-notched, Blade Form: N/A, Point Cross Section: Thin Lenticular, Flaking Patterns: N/A, Base Treatment: Basal thinning on both sides/one has more than other, Lateral Edge Treatment: none 00.30.103 (Scraper, hafted) image
2 00.30.104 Celt None 00.30.104 (Celt) image
3 00.30.106 Awl Awl or drill.
4 00.30.110A Scraper Light pink smooth rock scraper. The bottom has two small slight raised raised lines from the stone. The top is a flat wide edge that has dirt in it. The bottom is two large chip marks and a thinned edge. The sides are knapped and serrated. There is a black line on the rock that goes over one of the chip spots. 
5 00.30.110AA Scraper White scaper. Colors are opaque white with some beige, gray and red spots. One point of object is much thinner than other side, where opposite side is wide and thicker. One edge is serrated while the other is thick and looks fractured. 
6 00.30.110B Scraper Multicolored red rock scraper. Pink and other shades of red appear on this object with some dirt still in cracks. The sides are knapped to form an edge and serration. The bottom has small chipped away flat base. Rock is still pretty bumpy. 
7 00.30.110BB Scraper Pink scraper. Colors vary from rose pink to white and gray/brown due to dirt. Edges are thinned and large serrated portions jut out. Both points are fractured or concave so unnown if it had point. Some small notch marks can be seen, with original rock visible in holes on object. Pink and white layers are visible on faces. 
8 00.30.110C Scraper Gray soft stone scraper with shades of gray and speckles of colors. One side has been smoothed a bit but there is still bumps present, opposite side has one large bump with layers of rock showing. Sides of blade are knapped ad serrated. Bottom of object is thinned to give an edge. 
9 00.30.110CC Scraper Large flint scraper that has not been knapped or notched enough as it is still very smooth overall. Marks can be seen where tools hit object but those spots are opaque while the rest of the object is more translucent. Rounded points, with long rectangle shape. 
10 00.30.110D Scraper Small rounded scraper. One side of object has original rock present with two notch marks towards one end that show orange and red color of inside rock. Opposite side of object is brown and orange with some small crystals in the crevases of rock. One large notch on one end. Object is not too thin and has many bumps. 
11 00.30.110DD Scraper Gray/purple colored long scraper. Entire object has been knapped and thinned, edges have been serrated. There are vertical lines in the layers of the rock .Original portion of rock can be seen in lower left corner with pink/red coloring appearing. Bottom is edged and straight, top is made to a point. 
12 00.30.110E Scraper Small white rounded scraper. Smooth bottom, opposite side has one large leaning mass of rock. Shades of white and gray can be seen in the rock layers. 
13 00.30.110EE Scraper Gray scraper that has many work marks and has been knapped and edges are thinned. On side, layers of rock are visible, and one portion is gone so there can be a sharpened point. Colors are gray, white, with a smidge of brown. Bottom is convex with thinned and knapped edge. 
14 00.30.110F Scraper Triangular shaped scrapwr. Bottom is straight and has an edge. One side of rock has 3 layers in the rock that are present. Base comes out a bit. Edges are serrated minimally. 
15 00.30.110G Scraper Rock scraper, one side is smooth with small ridge horizontally near top, on top is broken point. Edges are very thin and there are some large notch marks. Color is beige, with a red shape on original rock face .
16 00.30.110H Scraper Gray stone scraper. Edges of object are thinned and somewhat serrated. Dark gray layers line the bottom section. Some black dots on rock face. 
17 00.30.110I Scraper Small pink and purple scraper. One side is mostly flat with notch marks opposite the rounded curvical end. On the other side of object, there is a colored ridge that goes down the middle. Top of object has fractured point. 
18 00.30.110J Scraper Small rounded scraper that is white on one side and yellow on the opposite. One side of object edge seems to have been thinned while other hosts thick edge. Two notches appear on yellow side. 
19 00.30.110K Scraper Light pink scraper that has slight curve to it. Bottom edge is thick and straight like a fracture. Different shades of brown and gray appear in this piece. 
20 00.30.110L Scraper Small gray triangular scraper. Bottom edge is thick and straight. Layers of rock can be seen on bumpy side. Smooth side is mostly gray and white. 
21 00.30.110M Scraper Small pointed scraper that is light pink in color with shades of brown. Edges are thinned and serrated. 
22 00.30.110N Scraper Gray scraper that has wider bottom than top. White rock can be seen through layers. Notched all over and no smooth sides. 
23 00.30.110O Scraper One side is smooth, bottom is flat with fractured thick edge. One opposite side of object, there is a half portion of the original rock which has small holes in it. The rest of the rock had been knapped to form some small layers in the rock. Edges are serrated and there is a point. 
24 00.30.110Q Scraper Gray side is smooth with white portion near point. Opposite side of rock has been knapped around the edges leading to middle portion of object with original rock still present. Original rock color is light brown with some black specks. Bottom of rock has concave and thinned edge. There are some tool and track marks in circular patterns on both sides of the rock. 
25 00.30.110R Scraper Circular scraper with circular portion of original rock still intact with some dark spots from dirt. On opposite side it has been smoothed enough but there is a semi circle and small raised bump. The edge around the object is thinned and knapped to be serrated. There is a point that has been worked into the object. There are some red/brown spots in the white layers of the rock. 
26 00.30.110S Core One side is mostly smooth with layers of rock visible, vertical stripes of gray and white. Convex bottom that has been knapped, body os object has knapped to raised point near bottom of rock. Top of rock has small curved point and there is a piece of original rock layer near top. Some brown spots can be seen through the layers but object is gray and white. 
27 00.30.110T Core One side is flat and mostly white with gray vertical lines appearing towards edges. Opposite side is raised with original rock still jutting out. Dirt is present in rock crevases and on raised part of rock face. Edges of object are thin, does not seem to have serration/. 
28 00.30.110U Scraper Large scraper, edges are sort of thinned and serrrated. Color of rock is brown with white present. There are some red spots that appear on both sides. The rock has vertical layers which can be seen on the rock. This object looks similar to jupiter. Some raised ridges on both sides. 
29 00.30.110V Scraper This scraper is curved to one side a bit. It has been knapped on both sides but only one face shows original and layered rock with multicolors underrneath. The opposite side looks to be knapped and with many flake marks visible. This side is also a bit dirty or just a darker brown. Bottom is straight and flat and appears to be fractured. There is a point with a small notch under one side of it. 
30 00.30.110W Core Multicolored core or scraper. Colors are shades of white, gray, and pink. One side is smooth with gray rock and white textured rock. Opposite side is very raised and has many knapping marks. Layers of rock can be seen on the raised side.
31 00.30.110X Scraper White scraper with bits of gray and brown appearing around the rock. Edges are serrated and thinned, there seems to be a point and bottom but both are unworked. Parts of original white rock can be seen. One big bump on knapped side, smoother side has a few carves too. 
32 00.30.110Y Scraper Gray scraper with pink and red showing through layers of the rock. Edges are a bit thick and somewhat serrated. There are a few sharp pieces that jut out from the sides of object. Original light colored rock can be seen near pink and red parts. Large flakes have been taken out of rock. 
33 00.30.110Z Scraper Multicolored scraper. Starting from the middle of object and moving out, colors are white, beige, gray and brown. Bottom is concave and top is convex. Edges are thinned and serrated. Knapping marks visible. Original rock can be seen in light and dark fashion. Many bumps and lines on this rock. 
34 00.30.111 Point, projectile Hunting heads.
35 00.30.111J Projectile Point Stone core or projectile point. One side is mostly flat with one small hole in the middle of the face. Two small side notches at bottom that lead to a straight base. Opposite side of object has original rock remaining and is raised due to knapping.
36 00.30.114C Projectile Point Grey Stone Projectile Point, War Head
37 00.30.114D Projectile Point Grey Stone Projectile Point, War Head
38 00.30.114E Projectile Point Grey and White Stone Projectile Point
39 00.30.114F Projectile Point Grey Stone Projectile Point
40 00.30.114G Projectile Point Dark Grey Stone Projectile Point
41 00.30.114H Projectile Point Grey Stone Projectile Point
42 00.30.128A Flint Soft gray rock flint nodule. Shaped like a triangle, there are two wide edges and one thinned edge. Layers in rock can be seen in wide edges. Tool or scrape marks can be seen on one side of object, causing white lines to appear. Object has some darker coloring to rock.
43 00.30.128B Flint Long thin and tubular flint nodule that has been made into a point. Ver slight thinning of edges and bottom was flat but now has one notch mark. Small brown dots can be seen on objects face. Color is off-white, tooth shade.
44 00.30.128C Flint Nodule White flint nodule that has been fractured in half. Inside layer is a light gray. Towards the top of object there is a another smaller fractured that is vertical. Bottom of object is flat but worked on. Some small holes around object in rock.
45 00.30.128D Flint Nodule Long flint nodule that has been worked to have a point at one end and a small base at other. Entire object is rough with many bumps that have dirt in them. Color is off-white but dirt makes it look multicolored.
46 00.30.128E Flint Nodule Flint nodule that is curved at the body. Shaped like a cow horn. Color is off-white but usage shows brown and gray coloring. Object still has an amount of dirt on it, with one large dark spot on face. Bottom is smoothed to a rounded angled point. Top is pointed but point is curved.
47 00.30.128F Flint Nodule Triangle shaped flint nodule. Many holes and crevasses still remain on one side of object, other side looks mostly smoothed. There is a worked point and the base is slanted, bumpy and has one fracture into original rock shape.
48 00.30.128G Flint Nodule Cylinder shaped off-white colored flint nodule. One end has been fractured smoothly with two additional tool marks on base. Opposite end is smooth and has been knapped a bit to form the end. Tool marks visible and dirt and other colors still reside on object.
49 00.30.128H Flint Nodule Curvy piece of conical flint nodule. On sides of object there are tool marks that created small holes that connected together to form a line. Towards point the work stops. Bottom is flat and smooth.
50 00.30.170A Flake Light pink colored rock chip flake. There is a large notch mark on one end of object and on opposite side it is fractured and straight and flat. Edges have been thinned except bottom.